Things to Know Before Dating an Addict

drug rehab in columbus OHHaving a relationship with a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be confusing, lonely, and a lot harder than normal relationships. Maybe you are currently in a relationship with someone with substance issues, or have recently met someone that you like, but have concerns about their drinking or drug use.

From past experiences, we can tell you that most relationships with addicts turn toxic. There are just so many problems. Regardless of if the relationship is made up of one addict or two, the ability to love something other than the drug of choice is fairly impossible. This is because addiction is a chronic disease.

However, having an addiction problem does not mean the person should be alone forever. Addicts, just like normal people, need love, compassion, and understanding too. The problem is not the person, it's really the disease they're battling. An addict that has completed drug rehab in Columbus OH, and has a strong commitment to recovery can actually make a great life partner.

If you're considering dating someone with a current addiction issue, it's important to know and understand a few things. We hope these tips will help you make the right decisions.

It Takes More Than Just Love

Before you dive headfirst into a committed relationship with an addict, just know that it will take a lot more than love for the relationship to be successful. The addiction will take priority over any relationship need. Feeding the addiction matters more than you, the kids, the job, having money to pay the bills, basically everything. If you are seriously taking your relationship with an addict to the next level, you need to find out all that you can about their problems. For instance, alcoholics and drug addicts often carry other addictions as well. These other types of addictions can include gambling, sex, or other vices.

If you find that you cannot leave the relationship and you deeply care for the addicted person, then do all that you can to help them get treatment. You should back off on the romance and concentrate on getting them alcohol treatment and drug rehab in Columbus OH, or wherever you live.

If you are thinking about dating an addict that is actively in recovery, ask them how long they have stayed sober. Ask them about the types of treatments they are receiving and how it's working. Our advice would be to take it slow and form a good friendship first. If the person has been sober for less than one year, hold off on dating for now. They should be focusing on recovery and building up coping skills, not dating.

The reason for this is that in the first year, most addicts in treatment are really trying to figure things out. They really do not know who they are anymore because the drugs have changed them. Even though the addict may long for a healthy relationship with a partner, they need to form a healthy relationship with themselves, first.

After the first year, the longer the recovering addict maintains sobriety, the more secure you can feel in choosing them as a loving partner.

Part two of this series will continue with more important information about dating addicts. To jump to part two, click here.

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