Are Beer Goggles Real?

Raleigh alcohol rehab centerWe’ve seen it on TV shows. We’ve seen it in movies. Maybe you’ve even experienced it in real life. We're talking about the proverbial “beer goggle effect.” At our Raleigh alcohol rehab center, we describe this effect as someone having too much to drink and then starting to think even the most unattractive face is gorgeous.

But are beer goggles a real thing? Why don't we find out what the experts say? If you, or a loved one, need help with a drinking problem, call Legacy Freedom. We're a Raleigh alcohol rehab center that you can trust.

Beer Goggles, Are They Real?

When you start drinking, you lose all social inhibitions which means you stop having social anxiety and making decisions, whether risky or not, becomes a lot easier. This is because alcohol affects the frontal lobes in the brain which control rational decision making. This means, after a few drinks, you could decide to go home with someone you never would have formed a relationship with otherwise.

This becomes problematic because even though you may find someone more attractive after you’ve had a few drinks, it isn’t because their appearance suddenly changed. It is because you’re losing your grip on making rational and smart decisions. This could be why people who have had a few drinks are more willing to participate in risky sexual behavior like having unprotected sex.

There have been many studies done on whether or not “beer goggles” are a real phenomenon. Researchers from the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group conducted labs asking volunteers to look at photos of men, women, and even landscapes before and after drinking. According to the results, alcohol affected their perceptions in every category. The experiments took place over four different nights at three different pubs.

The volunteers were divided into two groups. One group drank alcoholic drinks, while the other group drank a non-alcoholic placebo drink. The researchers found that the ratings were higher for all three types of images amongst the group of volunteers given the alcoholic beverages.

Since pictures of landscapes were also involved, and rated higher by the group drinking, it shows that perhaps the brain is less inhibited when drinking. However, a different study done by researchers at Duke University found that alcohol closes down the part of the brain that stops people from acting on impulses.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

After consuming an alcoholic beverage the first part of the brain that is affected is the cerebellum which is the motor control area. After that, the frontal lobes, which control rational decision making, are affected. Sexual desires are in the reptilian section of the mind under the cortex. Once the brain starts to replenish and rehydrate itself, rational thinking returns.

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Raleigh alcohol rehab centerIt has been proven that alcohol lowers social inhibitions, and in one study researchers found that people who have been drinking are more likely to help someone who dropped an object on the floor than people who haven’t been drinking. With no social anxiety it’s easier to feel confident and to make a move. This also kicks the brain’s reward system into overdrive, making the person feel better about themselves. This means a person who has been drinking is probably more likely to do something self-serving because alcohol releases high levels of “feel good” endorphins and fuels the desire for feel good activities, like seeking out a good lover. Even if it means lowering one’s standards to do so.

Besides social inhibitions being lowered, culturally imposed inhibitions are also lowered. This means the person drinking isn’t paying attention to what society says is attractive or a good mate and what they’re supposed to find attractive. Also, this could mean that a person picking a not so desirable mate, could be ignoring the little voices in their head telling them to stop.

There has also been some speculation about the “closing time effect.” In short, this means that the bar is about to close and everyone is headed home so the bar patrons are trying to find someone to leave with, just to not spend the night alone.

In summary, it is really up in the air whether “beer goggles” really exist or not. A person’s appearance certainly doesn’t magically change while drinking but your perception of a person’s appearance can be altered because of alcohol’s effect on your brain that in turn affects your actions. There have been many studies done on this subject and many more will probably continue to take place.

The one thing that is certain is that alcohol greatly affects a person’s decision making and it is up to the drinker to be aware of this. A lot of times the phrase “beer goggles” is thrown around as an excuse, when the drinker regrets making the decision to go home with someone they realize is less than desirable by their standards the next morning. This is completely up to the drinker though. The drinker made the decision to “put the goggles on” and made the decision to go home with the person they left with. If what a person does when wearing “beer goggles” threatens their wellbeing or social status when they are sober, it is probably time to take the goggles off for a while.

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