Beat the Winter Blues with These Tips

drug rehab in raleigh NCIt’s normal to feel a little down as we move into January. The holidays are over and the weather gets colder. It’s a time when we want to hunker down and stay home. It’s normal to feel that urge. As long as you don’t let it affect other parts of your life, it’s probably just a mild case of the winter blues.

Here are some tips to help beat them. If you're searching for affordable drug rehab in Raleigh NC, we can help! Call Legacy of Raleigh to learn more today!

Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

1. Move more.
That New Year’s resolution to get in shape can also help you feel better mentally. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good. Plus, exercise gets the blood flowing and warms you up. If you don’t want to venture outside, you can exercise within the comfort of your home with an exercise bike or elliptical. Don’t want to spend that kind of money? Buy some workout DVDs.

2. Lighten up.
One of the reasons we feel so down in the winter is because there is less light during the day. Don’t spend the best part of the day – early morning or afternoon – inside or away from a window. Eat your lunch near a window with sunlight streaming in. Open up the curtains at home during the day so the light can shine in.

If you’re not able to make time to see the light when it’s actually daytime, you can buy a light box. Sitting in front of it daily for 30 minutes has been known to help with symptoms of depression.

3. Eat better.
Another one of your New Year’s resolution may be to eat better, which will improve your health physically, but also makes you feel better mentally. You may crave comfort food full of bad carbs but try to avoid those. Go for healthier options so you don’t experience that crash in blood sugar. Incorporate lots of fresh vegetables and fruits rather than processed foods.

4. Be a social butterfly.
It might sound like a good idea to stay home every night, especially if one of your resolutions was to save money, but you’re losing more by not being social. Maintaining your relationships is important, especially if you’re going through a “blah” period. Hanging out with friends and loved ones can improve your mood. You don’t have to go out to see them; invite them over for dinner so they’ll be the ones to venture out in the cold.

5. Plan a pretend vacation.
Nothing’s more exciting than planning for travel in better weather. If you aren’t able to really plan a vacation, you can fake it. Research has shown than even pretending to plan a vacation can relieve stress and cause a boost in happiness.

If it’s more than just the winter blues, it could be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a common type of depression that’s related to the time of year. It tends to occur around the same time each year – starting in the fall and lasting until winter is over. If you feel your mood is causing problems with work or your personal life, talk to a professional.

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