Beat the Heat and Your Depression

Charlotte Mental Health ServicesSuffering from depression in the summer is anything but fun. The weather is hot, you're miserable, and it seems that everyone you know is having a great time. In our previous posts on the summertime blues we examined what reverse seasonal affective disorder is and other reasons the summer may have you down. While there isn't a patented cure for the summertime blues, our staff at Legacy Freedom has compiled a list of their favorite ways to beat the heat and your depression this summer. For Charlotte mental health services you can trust, call Legacy!

  • Act like a kid. If your kids are home from school for the summer, there's no doubt that they are bored. They will complain about this loudly and frequently. Beat them to the punch and engage in an activity that will make them happy and help you boost your mood. Exercise does wonders for your brain. Run through the sprinkler in the backyard, toss a frisbee in the park, walk the farmer's market, take part in a community event or any other activity that gets you moving.
  • Rediscover an old hobby. Remember that thing you used to do before you got too busy? Whether it was crocheting, model building, stamp collecting, or fishing, use the summer as an excuse to rediscover it. If your children are old enough, involve them by teaching them how or by letting them help you design your project, pick your fishing hole or simply come along to the store.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. The summer heat makes it hard to cook. Many people don't like to eat much when it's hot outside, and grilling gets old after awhile. Take a trip to the grocery and pick up foods you've never tried and host an exotic food night for family and friends. Tired of burgers and hot dogs? Grab some produce and whip up a new type of salad. No one in the house feels like eating? Cheese and cracker nights in front of the TV as a family can be a fun treat. Let the kids eat dessert first. Summer was made for ice cream (with a little fruit of course), plus you'll score some cool points.
  • Meet up with an old friend. If the daily grind of work, parent, sleep has got you down, make time to meet up with an old friend for coffee or lunch. Feeling fancy? Book a sitter and grab your friend for mani/pedis¬†or an afternoon ball game. Taking care of yourself is important and can help snap you out of a funk.
  • Be a tourist. There are always cool things to do right in your own backyard. Many people live in one place for years and never get to all the museums, parks or events they mean to. Summertime is filled with free admission days. Check local websites and newspapers to see what's going on and what's free near you.
  • Learn something new. Always wanted to take a painting class? Did you love French class in high school? Summer is filled with great deals on classes and experiences. Check apps like Groupon or Coursera to find deals on things to do or free online classes.

Affordable Charlotte Mental Health Services For Depression

If you're still not able to make the summertime blues go away, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. Our care team is ready to help you create a care plan tailored to your interests and your needs. Whether your depression is new or a continuing struggle, our holistic approach to mental health treatment can help. Learn more about our more than ten different types of alternative therapy and what makes our approach to mental health different. When you're ready, call or click to contact us. What are you waiting for?


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