Why Moving to the Beach is Great for Addiction Recovery

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NCWhen struggling with addiction and recovery sometimes you feel as if you need to get away from the places and the people that could cause you to relapse or keep you in the same vicious cycle of substance abuse. Recovery can be exhausting, both mentally and physically, so moving might seem like the last thing you want to do when you have so much on your plate already. However moving somewhere peaceful and serene, with plenty of health benefits as well as activities to do might make recovery sound more like a vacation than a struggle. And where do you think of when you think of a vacation? Why, the beach of course! That's where Legacy Freedom's facility for drug rehab in Wilmington is located.

So why can moving to the beach be beneficial? Let's find out!

Is Moving to the Beach Great for Addiction Recovery?

Moving to the beach has many great aspects for recovery with lots of activities to keep you busy, plus many health benefits such as more sun and salt exposure. And the ocean itself promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation. It just simply offers the freedom to take a load off and get to know yourself again during and after your recovery.

Addiction can be time consuming. During your recovery you may realize how much free time you now have and you may not be sure what to do to fill that time. This reason alone may be enough to convince you to make that move. Just look out at the beach and you’re more than likely to see a runner, a surfer, a paddle boarder, or a sailor.

Recovery can be a very hard time and taking your mind off of treatment for a little while can be beneficial. While always keeping your goal in mind, you still deserve to spend some time learning a new skill such as boogie boarding or surfing or just moseying around all the many, many beach shops. Other happenings such as yoga or tai chi on the beach can also be rewarding spiritually. Even if you just want to float around and swim, that offers many key factors in recovery that also extend to your health.

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that contributes to overall happiness and well-being. Serotonin can be depleted during addiction. Luckily, there are many factors of beach living that promote the balancing of serotonin levels such as breathing in ocean air and absorbing the sun’s rays which gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D (as long as you put on sunscreen first!) Besides vitamin D’s promotion of serotonin, the sun will make you sweat which is very helpful in releasing stored toxins from your body and helping with the physical side of recovery.

According to the Livestrong Foundation, the components of seawater are similar to that of human blood plasma and are easily absorbed and used by your body, even after just a quick dip. That helps to boost the immune system while breathing in the salty ocean air can help your respiratory system.  Sometimes during addiction one’s overall stress levels tend to rise. Swimming in salt water and breathing in the ocean’s air can help promote blood circulation in the body due to the minerals found in the water which can lower stress levels.

drug rehab in WilmingtonIf you or someone you know is struggling to give up drugs or alcohol or you’ve tried treatment before that just didn’t seem to work, call Legacy Freedom Treatment Center and ask about a customized plan and the many different treatment options offered. Legacy Freedom Treatment Center offers drug rehab in Wilmington, which just happens to be a beach! So call today if you would like to speak to an admissions counselor about your options. Addiction doesn’t have to be the answer.

Have you ever been at the beach and just found yourself gazing out into the water? Maybe not realizing how long you’ve stayed there? And then afterwards you just feel an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. Many have speculated as to the reasons why humans are so drawn to the ocean. Maybe because it’s so large it can help put things in our lives into perspective. Maybe because we as humans are made up mostly of water and a lot of times water can symbolize rebirth and a new beginning. The color blue, which is all you see when gazing out at the ocean, according to marketing research, is associated with feelings of calm, depth, wisdom, and openness.  These are all things needed in the journey of recovery.

Since the road to recovery can be a trying time, moving to the beach during this period could be very beneficial just to ensure you get that relaxation and meditation time needed when you just need a break. Just gaze out at the ocean and get lost for a while. This could also help you get to know yourself again and the pieces you may have forgotten during addiction.

Battling an addiction is already hard enough, making the move to the beach can make it easier on your road to recovery. From rollerblading or shopping on the sidewalks, to playing in the sand or surfing, there are many new activities to try or old activities to fall in love with again. This gives you something to do physically as well as mentally to get your mind off of everything else going on. Besides just playing, sand is a great skin exfoliant and as the dead skin is removed, so can be the old life of addiction. So call our facility for drug rehab in Wilmington today.

Breathing in the salty air helps your respiratory system which can help you get a great night's sleep during this change in your life. The ocean water offers many minerals and amino acids that can help regulate many of the body’s main systems. Sweating in the sun and soaking up some vitamin D is a great, natural mood elevator.  Relaxing by the ocean and just letting your mind be free for a while is a great way to find some inner peace and to help one move on along the road to recovery.

Overall, making the move to the beach is beneficial in so many ways while one is recovering, that it should really be considered while making the decision to live a clean, healthy life. There really isn’t a reason not to!

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