Back to School and Sobriety

drug treatment in raleigh NCAre you thinking of going back to school now that you’re sober? When people recover from addiction, they often become more ambitious and have more confidence in themselves. This can lead to a desire to go back to school, which can be a great opportunity to accomplish the goals they had before addiction. They’re getting a second chance to create the life they want. If you're ready to experience this feeling, get the best alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC. Call Legacy for more information.

If your substance abuse problem started or got worse while you were in college, don’t let it deter you. You can still achieve your goals of getting an education. Fear shouldn’t keep you from going back to school. If you’re a traditional college student and had originally lived on campus or in an apartment with friends, consider living at home while you go back so that you’re not tempted to drink or do drugs. Some colleges may have sober dorms specifically for recovering addicts.

If you’re an adult who never completed your degree but now see it as an opportunity to better yourself, go for it. Having a college degree can help you find a better job. If you’re still relying on parents or other people for financial support, this is your chance to get the skills you need to get a job so you can take care of yourself.

If you’re never been to college at all, don’t feel overwhelmed! You’ve worked through addiction - one of the toughest problems people face – so you can definitely take on college. You can start with one or two classes in order to get acclimated rather than enrolling as a full-time student. There are also online classes available at many schools that will allow you to do work when it’s convenient for you.

Consider joining on-campus clubs or participating in activities. It will give you the “college experience” without the typical partying atmosphere. It will also help you find like-minded people. If you’re lacking in friends now that you’re sober, you should try to make new ones that aren’t interested in drinking or using drugs.

Part of recovery is taking care of yourself through diet and exercise. Many schools have gyms that you can use as part of your tuition. Take advantage of it. You could also join a sports team in order to stay active and you may make new friends as a bonus.

Remember that going back to school will be an adjustment and will require a lot of hard work. Many people choose to have a full year of recovery behind them before attempting it. If you think the stress of schoolwork may be too much for you right now, wait a year. It would be better to go back knowing you can handle it than trying to take on too much too soon and crumbling under the pressure. You’ve got your whole sober life ahead of you. You don’t have to hurry to do everything right away.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC - Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom is your top choice for alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC. Our holistic approach means we consider all aspects of your well-being. We offer recovery from substance abuse and addiction through a variety of alternative therapy programs. There's no way to create a plan that works for everyone, so we personalize our treatment services to meet your needs. It's about real recovery from addiction not just a one-size-fits-all solution. Call Legacy Raleigh today to speak with an admissions counselor about how we can help you get on the road to recovery so that you can begin living the life you want.

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