What Is an AWOL Machine?

Asheville alcohol rehabMany times, drinking alcohol is reserved strictly for social settings. It's something that many individuals do to relax, lighten the mood, or spend time with friends. Though it's not the most ideal way to relax, lots of individuals can have one or two drinks only. However, others tend to only plan for one or two drinks and then end up having five or six or more. At that point, social drinking quickly becomes a problem. If you're in need of 2018 Asheville alcohol rehab, contact Legacy Freedom for help.

As we have mentioned before, getting drunk has a variety of side effects on your brain and body. One of the side effects is addiction. Your brain takes alcohol as a reward. Then, it expects to have it more often. Unfortunately, a new device has been invented to skip the drinking process altogether and go straight for the buzz.

This machine is called an AWOL device. It works by turning liquor into a gaseous paper. At that point, instead of drinking the beverages, they can be inhaled into the bloodstream. This bypasses the stomach and liver. It also causes a much more drunken state. It can be felt almost immediately.

Believe it or not, the technique of inhaling gaseous liquor vapor into the bloodstream isn't a new concept. Scientists have been using this for years with lab rats to learn more about addiction triggers. Some individuals have also learned to use household objects like candles or bicycle pumps to inhale alcohol that has been turned into a gas, as well.

The AWOL machine, also known as Alcohol without Liquid, works much like a nebulizer so that users are actually getting a "hit" of alcohol, rather than a shot. It's become a novelty in some areas and these popular devices can be purchased for a low price. However, these at home kits aren't as scientific as the AWOL machine. They use heat from candles to vaporize alcohol.

This technique has been coined alcohol smoking. Health experts have been researching the side effects that might come with bypassing the digestive tract and inhaling alcohol directly into the bloodstream. They are concerned that because alcohol smoking circumvents the natural way our bodies tell us when we've had too much to drink, alcohol poisoning and fatal incidences will occur more regularly.

For example, someone who has had too much alcohol, to the point of almost being poisoned by alcohol, will have a uncontrollable urge to vomit. This is a reactionary reflects that prevents alcohol poisoning. When inhaling substances, that reflex will not kick in. It is unsure what might keep someone from inhaling too much alcohol with an AWOL machine.

As you can imagine, this opens the door for a serious problem. We reported in our previous blog that in 2014, more people died from alcohol related deaths than herion. Alcohol consumption has already become a dangerous force that's causing enough problems without the added dangers of using an AWOL machine.

Thankfully, lawmakers have stepped in to try and help the problem. Twenty-two states have currently outlawed these types of machines. They are now a public health nuisance that is considered a gateway for substance abuse.

According to the washingtonpost.com, "William C. Kerr, a senior scientist at the Public Health Institute’s Alcohol Research Group, a nonprofit, remains unconvinced. Technologically imposing limits on how much gets inhaled at once, he contends, would ultimately do little to discourage abuse. 'Even if you reduce the concentrations, who’s to say a user wouldn’t use it on top of drinking to enhance the effects. It’s hard to say how people would behave give the chance, but you need to take into account what’s more common instead of just what’s possible. There’s also the possibility that inhaling alcohol can damage the lungs, though right now there hasn’t really been any real research on it so I can’t say it’s impossible that this way may be better than drinking. In the meantime, we recommend caution.”

Unfortunately, there are other types of devices being made for a reasonable price, as we mentioned above. They can be purchased online. Some other types of devices are also available at a more expensive rate. However, these machines, though different from the outlawed AWOL, are very similar, in general. They still offer the same vaporized alcohol concept that is ultimately dangerous.

This information is something to consider and watch out for in the future. It's going to be interesting to see where these devices lead. Our hope is that individuals realize the potential for danger and intensified alcohol abuse. Staying away from these machines will be the healthiest and safest option.

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