Asking for Help

Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NCWhen you have a mental illness, or are concerned that you may have one, the fear of asking for help or being stigmatized because of your mental illness can be paralyzing. Feeling unsure about who to reach out to, where to turn, which facilities are reliable, and how to approach your need for mental health care is overwhelming, to say the least. The bottom line is, you need help to deal with your mental illness. At Legacy Freedom, we have a mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC that can help.

Whether you have been struggling in silence with anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder or any number of other mental illnesses, our care team can get you connected to the right therapist for you. Our approach is holistic. We treat the whole person, not just their mental illness. Chances are if you have been feeling this way for awhile you have let your physical health slip and your emotional well-being is damaged. We understand the battle you have fought every day and our dedicated team of therapists, clinicians, dieticians, and physical therapists are here to assist in your care. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies like tai chi, meditation, acupuncture or adventure therapy, we can help you identify the cause of your mental illness or the co-existing disorders that complicate your diagnosis. Together we will create a care plan focused on you and your needs.

Simply asking for help sounds a lot easier than it really is. For those of you who are struggling to reach out, here are our best tips to make it easier:

  • Identify What You Need - When you are concerned about your mental health, the first thing you need to do is to determine the type of help you need. Do you need immediate intervention because you fear you are a danger to yourself or others? Do you feel like you need to talk to someone to work through reoccurring issues? Is there an emerging pattern of behavior that is worrisome or a severe change in behavior or mood that you feel could be helped by therapy? Evaluating yourself and being honest about your needs and your current mental state will make it much easier to communicate with people about what kind of help you need or what they can do to help you.
  • Admit the Need - Coping with your mental illness or struggling through is no way to live. Accepting that you need to reach out for help is important. Be honest about what the consequences are for not asking for help. Everyone asks for help at one time or another, there is no reason for you not to.
  • Who Can You Trust? - You want to reach out to someone you know you can trust to listen to you and your concerns and help you make a plan to get you the help you need.
  • Be Honest - Once you have help, be honest with your clinicians and therapists. Withholding information makes their jobs more challenging and can extend your treatment plan unnecessarily. Giving them all the information they need ensures that you receive the best and most effective care.
Affordable Mental Health Therapist in Charlotte, NC

The staff at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte are ready to help you stop fighting your mental illness and begin to live with your mental illness. Through proper treatment, counseling, and care there is no reason for you not to return to the activities and people that you enjoy in your life. We invite you to learn more about our alternative therapies and then call or email our mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC. We are here and ready to help you stop struggling and start living!

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