Are You an Angry Person?

portrait of young angry manAre you an angry person? Do you constantly lash out at loved ones before you even realize what's happening? If so, you might consider the following information.

Being angry isn't the same as being upset. Those that are upset tend to have a moment where they argue or yell, and then quickly get over it. It is also possible to become angry and get over it quickly as well. Becoming angry to the point of having a problem with managing it is an issue many face.

According to, "Anger can be a fleeting annoyance or full-fledged rage. It is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life."

Dr. Redford Williams, professor of psychology at Duke University Medical Center and author of "In Control," states that "If there were no such thing as anger, Rosa Parks would still be riding in the back of the bus," he says. "But racial discrimination was a big deal. Someone who gets miffed about comparatively inconsequentially things, like being cut off by another driver or having to wait for an elevator is likely to have an 'anger problem.'"

Below, you'll find a few characteristics of people that have an anger problem. If anything below sums up your behavior, it's important to reconsider your actions and possibly talk to a professional about your feelings. If you need Greensboro NC drug rehab, call Legacy Freedom. We can help.

Are You Angry?


Do you have a hard time waiting on people? Are you constantly infuriated when things don't go as quickly as you imagine they should? Impatience is a common trait among many. But, when it gets in the way of rationalizing your feelings you might have anger management issues.


In life, things don't always go our way. Nothing is perfect. We all tend to complain a little about life in general at times. Sometimes, our complaints take over our lives. It's all we think and talk about. If you're constantly complaining about a bad deal or trouble in your life, consider talking with an expert in anger management.


Those with anger issues tend to hold a grudge about the tiniest things. Did your sister say something insensitive to you without ill-intent, yet you can't get over it? If you hold a grudge for any length of time, it can cause you to become bitter and negative. It can also increase your anger problems.


No one likes to be interrupted. Unfortunately, those with anger problems constantly interrupt without even realizing they're doing so. Rethink your encounters with others. Do you have trouble not talking over people or interrupting them?

Getting Red in the Face

When we are mad, our body temps rise. Sometimes, our face turns red. If this happens to you every time you're angry, consider getting help. According to, "numerous studies have shown that angry people are more likely to have high blood pressure and to suffer a stroke or heart attack."


If you're always being offended by what others say or do towards you, you might be hyper vigilant. This means that you're always on watch for danger or other "wrong-doing" that might occur. If you're constantly wondering why people are offending you, or you don't have many friends because they're constantly doing you wrong, consider seeking professional help.

We hope this information helps you or someone you know with an anger problem. Often, this type of personality disorder can lead to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. For more information about anger issues, visit back with our next blog.

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