Are Acid Flashbacks Just a Myth?

Drug Rehabilitation in Columbus OHSome people say that acid flashbacks are just myths used to dramatize LSD abuse. However, a large group of people, including some researchers, insist on them being 100% real. So what's the real truth? That's the answer our center for drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH is looking for.

So in today's post, we are going to focus our attention on the so-called acid flashback. We're going to be discussing whether it is real, what it feels like, where they come from, and more. Get ready to take a "trip" on the wild side of reality. If someone you love has a problem with substance abuse, don't wait until it's too late. Get them the best drug rehabilitation in Columbus OH by calling Legacy Freedom. Call us today, or keep reading to find out more information.


Before we talk about acid flashbacks, we have to discuss where they come from. The term "tripping" generally refers to the state of euphoria people feel when taking hallucinogens like LSD, PCP, DMT, magic mushrooms, and even MDMA. This is technically a form of intoxication. These trips can also last for many hours. One dose can make a user hallucinate typically for 8 - 12 hours. Sometimes it can even last for days if the user has used multiple doses over an extended period time.

What's an Acid Flashback? Are They Real?

An acid flashback is when the effects of past LSD intoxication come back without warning. These short hallucinations usually only last for a few seconds. The term "flashback" was coined in 1969. However, reports of drug induced flashbacks date back to the 1950s.

A study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2013 found no evidence of flashbacks. Yet psychiatrists who provide care for these substance abusers feel that it is a very real phenomenon. Furthermore,, a drug information website, found that 60 percent of 2,455 hallucinogen users experienced trippy  hallucinations after being drug-free for at least three days. Four percent of the users found the flashback symptoms to be "significantly distressing." The research was compiled using a self-reported survey.

The survey also reported that LSD appeared to be the strongest cause of acid flashbacks. This is compared to other drugs like MDMA, magic mushrooms, salvia, DMT, marijuana, and others.

We hope today's post will allow you to better understand the effects of LSD, and if acid flashbacks are real. For more information about LSD, visit these posts below.

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