Anxiety Reducing Music for Summer 2018

holistic anxiety treatment in CharlotteThere is little doubt that music has the power to help us cope with even the most difficult emotions. Whether you're feeling blue and need a song that just lets you be in that low emotion or you're struggling to regain control after a panic attack, music has the ability to match your mood and help you cope. Before you take off on your last vacation of the summer or head out the door on your morning commute, here are some of the best songs for helping you cope with your anxiety this summer. Searching for holistic anxiety treatment in Charlotte? Call Legacy today.

Muse - "Survival"
British rock band Muse released this song as the official track for the 2012 London Olympic Games. "Survival" was played throughout the games. It also resonates with those who struggle with their anxiety because of lyrics like, “And I’ll light the fuse / And I’ll never lose / And I choose to survive / Whatever it takes.”

Michael Franti & Spearhead - “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)”
American poet, musician, and singer Michael Franti is known for his blend of reggae, jazz, folk, hip-hop, and rock that leaves listeners feeling good. With a catchy beat and an intro filled with whistling that's sure to have you puckering up and trying to whistle along, this song will become a staple in your summer music rotation.

Flume (Feat. Kai) - “Never Be Like You”
Canadian vocalist Kai and Australian musician Flume collaborated to produce this groove worthy track that helps meet the energy that anxiety brings with soft lyrics and smooth ambient noise. Filled with techno influences and lyrics that are focused on asserting the right to be yourself, expect this song to find it's way to the top of your list.

MUNA - “I Know a Place”
American trio MUNA met at the University of Southern California, and their collaboration yielded a self-titled EP that they released on Soundcloud in 2014. The success of their initial offering landed them a US deal with RCA records. They have embraced their success as a chance to inspire younger people to be confident in their identities. All three members of the band identify as queer. MUNA doesn't use gender-based pronouns in their music, but they do write lyrics that will resonate with people who grapple with mental health challenges. The song "I Know a Place" was featured in the Netflix original movie Alex Strangelove and has become a fast favorite for the LGBTQ community.

Affordable Holistic Anxiety Treatment in Charlotte

Music is one of the most potent therapeutic tools available to help you cope with your mental health. At Legacy Freedom of Charlotte, we take a holistic approach to your mental health care by combining alternative treatment methods with traditional talk therapy. Together with your therapy team you will get to the root of your anxiety and learn what triggers your anxious feelings, how to cope with these feelings, and develop new strategies for overcoming your anxiety in everyday situations.

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