Does Your Anxiety Make You a Better Leader?

Therapy in Columbus, OHOne of the most common misconceptions those in leadership roles often have about themselves is that they must seem strong, unbreakable, and infallible to those they lead. However, more and more leaders are acknowledging the pressures they face every day as they lead through and with anxiety. If you're looking for help with stress, call Legacy Freedom. We offer holistic anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH.

What leaders are realizing is that by acknowledging their issues to those they are tasked to lead they open the door for more conversations about anxiety in the workplace. Studies show that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. However, only 25 percent of those who have an anxiety disorder disclose it at work. Fear that their boss will not promote them, think they are lazy, or that it will be noted in their personnel file are the top reasons that people with anxiety refused to disclose their condition to their superior.

Leaders who choose to disclose their anxiety have seen it have a major impact on the teams they serve as well as on their colleagues' perception of them. So, how exactly does your anxiety make you a better leader?

  • You're forced to be in the moment. Mindfulness allows you to name your emotions, feelings, and thoughts in real time and acknowledge them without judgment. As a result, those moments of anxiety you experience throughout your day are actually forcing you to be more present in the moment than you would be otherwise. Practicing mindfulness makes you a better leader by helping you become a more effective communicator and listener.
  • Anxiety starts a conversation. Own your anxiety. Talking about it to colleagues, friends, or your family can help you form more authentic relationships with those around you. A good leader admits their struggles and uses them to help those around them. Being open about your anxiety with your coworkers creates an environment where they feel empowered to own and share their own struggles without fear.
  • Accept your anxiety. Once you stop fighting your anxiety, you can acknowledge that it exists and take away the power that it has over you. Be non-judgmental with yourself about your feelings and thoughts and practice mindfulness to get through your anxious moments. By meeting the racing thoughts with calm focus, you retain control of yourself and the situation.

Know how to handle your anxiety and harness the power it has to bring a positive focus to issues that commonly aren't talked about. Being an anxious leader allows you to be attuned to the social signals and emotional cues of those on your team. Anxiety can be a powerful self-motivator. New studies have shown that those who live with anxiety set, reach, and surpass goals easily. Many people would be shocked to discover that multitudes of successful athletes, executives, and entertainers are highly anxious people. Anxiety activates their attention and focus and allows leaders to deliver consistently, time and time again. It is, however, a fine line to walk. Unmanaged anxiety can cause you to under perform or overthink your performance. Honing and defining what your anxiety is and how you will use it is a powerful leadership tool.

Holistic Anxiety Therapy in Columbus, OH

Want to learn to control your anxiety and find new ways to cope? The professional staff at Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Utilizing alternative treatments and traditional talk therapy in Columbus, OH, our team can help you learn to acknowledge the root of your anxiety and develop new ways to cope with it. If you, or someone you love, are one of the one in seven Americans who struggle with anxiety daily, call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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