Anxiety Disorders, Continued

therapists in Charlotte, NCWe can all recall stressful days when our anxiety levels were higher than others. Anxiety can be caused by stress, depression, and even trauma. During a recent study by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it was found that more than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. That means the average person knows 5 people who struggle with daily anxiety.

There are more than eight different types of anxiety disorders. In our previous post we looked at these different types, but how do you know if you are experiencing an abnormal amount of anxiety? Legacy Freedom of Charlotte specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders. Our skilled team therapists in Charlotte, NC will help you evaluate your anxiety and choose the treatment plan that’s right for you.

Everyone worries about paying bills, getting a dream job or important life changes. Attending social events and not feeling overly awkward for being there, or feeling uneasy in an unfamiliar situation is also common. Even experiencing general anxiety before big test or a business presentation is normal. And just so you know, realistic fears and worries can cause sleepless nights and the occasional upset stomach.

However, a person with an anxiety disorder constantly worries about everything. Focusing on every small detail and dissecting every situation makes them overly stressed out. They avoid social situations at all costs and feel embarrassed and humiliated when they do go. Panic attacks come out of nowhere! Irrational fears of certain objects and places even start to develop. Recurring nightmares about things that happened years before and flashbacks will oftentimes leave them feeling emotionally numb.

People who suffer with anxiety disorders are more likely to have depression as well. Anxiety tends to keep an individual secluded, whether it is because they have a real fear or because they do not want to feel judged or embarrassed.

Avoiding social situations can lead to other issues for those who suffer from anxiety as well. This behavior can lead to alcohol and drug abuse. Substance abuse is a way that many people self-medicate or try to cope with their anxiety. This leads to larger health concerns and can even make the anxiety worse over time.

Did you know that genetics also plays a big part in your susceptibility towards anxiety disorders? Females are about 45 percent more likely to have anxiety disorders than men. If your mother or father had anxiety disorders, chances are that you will learn to have the same types of responses toward stressful and social situations. Researchers believe there is a genetic component to anxiety, much like the genetic code that has been identified for autism or ADHD.

Getting help to overcome your anxiety is imperative to live a full and happy life. Going to counselling where you can really focus on the underlying issues of your anxiety, and then working through those issues, will help you develop lifelong coping skills. Many therapists like to focus on triggers and will encourage you to use your new found coping skills to navigate hard situations. Practicing these stressful situations with your therapist can help you manage your reactions to them, and also helps to make them less anxiety producing for you.

Affordable Anxiety Therapists in Charlotte, NC

At Legacy Freedom we choose to use traditional talk therapy in conjunction with other alternative treatments. Our extensive list of alternative therapies includes yoga, sound therapy, equestrian therapy, adventure therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and more. We utilize life coaches and nutritionists to make sure that your body and mind are healthy and nourished as you heal. Treating the whole person, not just your mental illness is the cornerstone of what makes Legacy Freedom different. Your journey begins with a choice so call today to speak with one of the best therapists in Charlotte, NC.

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