More Tips for Dealing with Anxiety at Concerts

Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NCWelcome back to our continuing series on managing your anxiety at concerts. In our previous post, we gave you some helpful tips to help you get out there and enjoy the music you love. While many who live with anxiety avoid social situations and large crowds at all costs, sometimes the lure of a great musician or an amazing band makes it impossible to say no. If you're looking for the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Legacy Freedom. Call today to learn more.

Now that you've got your seats and you're counting down the days until the doors open, here are some more tips on how to make it a night you'll never forget:

  • Double Check the Details - Many venues have strict policies about what you are and aren't allow to bring in with you. Avoid getting to the front of the line with a purse or backpack only to be sent back to the car to leave it behind. Instead, review the policies on the venue website ahead of time and leave extra stuff at home or the hotel. This additional step alleviates the frustration and anxiety of missing out on the show.
  • Get Some Rest - Fatigue is a common trigger for anxiety. If you can, find time to get a nap before the show. Let yourself rest for at least an hour to recharge and reset before you head out.
  • Dress for Comfort - Avoid restrictive clothes or dressing too warmly for the venue. Bring layers that you can put on and take off. Many people who have anxiety say that being too hot or feeling confined by their clothing can cause them to feel panicked.
  • Keep It in Perspective - No one is there to stare at you and focus on your social faux pas. Everyone is there to see the band, have a good time, and score some sweet swag to take home with them. When you realize the attention isn't on you, it can help you relax and be able to enjoy the experience even more.
  • Make Nice with Security - Before the show, approach the security person near an exit door and introduce yourself. Explaining that you have anxiety and may need to use the door to step out and calm down can help ensure that you'll be able to get back into the venue and that you have someone looking out for you if you happen to be attending the show alone.

Don't let your anxiety keep you from missing out on experiencing performers and artists that you love. Music is therapeutic for so many and getting to experience songs you love or that have helped you through difficult times in your life is an incredible experience. Be brave and book those tickets!

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC For Anxiety

If your anxiety is keeping you from hanging with the band, the professionals at Legacy Freedom can help. Utilizing a holistic approach to mental health care, Legacy Charlotte helps you get to the root of your anxiety and identify what causes you to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Understanding the cause of your anxiety helps you learn new ways to cope with your triggers, set new boundaries and alleviate the panic you feel in social situations.

For more on our holistic approach to mental health care and for a list of our alternative therapy methods used to treat anxiety, read our previous posts. The time to take control of your life is now. Call or click to connect with one of the top mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC!

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