Anxiety and Aromatherapy

Anxiety therapy in Raleigh, NCThe American College of Healthcare Sciences estimates that 58 percent of people say that certain smells calm them or make them recall happy memories. What if you could use pleasant scents to treat your anxiety? At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, you can.

Our holistic approach to anxiety therapy in Raleigh, NC is unique in that it allows us to treat the whole person, not just their anxiety disorder. We offer our clients the ability to create a custom treatment plan that utilizes both traditional talk and alternative therapies like aromatherapy, sound therapy and yoga. You reach your goals and manage your anxiety as you work together with your care team to reshape your nutrition, your life goals and your mental health.

Using aromatherapy for anxiety has become increasingly more popular. The Mayo Clinic has suggested that the makeup of essential oils may trigger smell receptors in the nose that send messages to the part of your brain that controls your mood. While the exact science of how aromatherapy works is not clear, the therapeutic effects are undeniable.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of organic compounds to improve your mood, mental state or health by using essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation. They have the characteristic fragrance of the plant or source from which they are extracted. They are often made from plants, leaves, seeds and blossoms. The oils can be used by themselves or in a combination. Some people prefer to place them in a diffuser that mists them into the air, place them in their bath products, apply them during massage or simply just rub them on the skin.

Aromatherapy is a great way to help ease some of your symptoms associated with anxiety.

Best Oil Combinations for Anxiety

Making a blend of essential oils for your anxiety can be helpful. It is important to remember that essential oils should always be blended with a carrier oil to help with the intensity. Buying oils from a reputable source is also important, as you want to make sure your product is pure, natural and organic.

The Anti-Anxiety Blend

  • 4oz of sweet almond oil (this will be your carrier oil)
  • 10 drops lavender oil
  • 10 drops orange oil
  • 2 drops marjoram
  • 2 drops cedar wood

This can simply be placed in a bottle and sniffed when anxiety flares up.

At night, place a few drops of lavender into your bath to help sooth your anxiety and calm you down. Add some roman chamomile essential oil to help with insomnia, as well.  You may even place some on your pillow to act as a natural sedative. Many people find that using a diffuser for their oils at night helps them relax and get to sleep. There are many oils available to help with anxiety, depression and relaxation.

The top choices for anxiety are any of the following oils:

  • Jasmine – antidepressant
  • Ylang-ylang – relaxation
  • Clary sage – antidepressant
  • Basil – helps sore muscles and promotes clear breathing
  • Bergamot – helps with stress levels
  • Rose –antidepressant
  • Lavender – relaxation and natural sedative
  • Orange – mood lifter
  • Marjoram – sedative

Alternative Therapy in Raleigh, NC for Anxiety in 2017

Incorporating essential oils and aromatherapy into your anxiety treatment is just one of the many alternative therapies that is available to you at Legacy Freedom. Whether you are newly diagnosed with anxiety, or have tried traditional therapy and been unsuccessful, we are here to help. You can begin your journey towards living your best life with just a phone call. Our dedicated and professional staff is ready to help you create your custom plan for holistic therapy in Raleigh, NC. What are you waiting for? Your best life begins now.

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