Another Look at Sex Addiction

counselor in Raleigh, NCThere is a common misconception that someone who has a high libido or natural sex drive is a sex addict. This is not the case. Most people who suffer from sexual addiction crave the pursuit of sex more than the act itself.

A person suffering from hypersexual disorder or sex addiction, will eventually put the pursuit of their addiction before the needs of their families, friends, kids, work and even their personal health and safety. At this stage, it is imperative to seek treatment.

Understanding how sexual addiction works is critical to treating it. At Legacy Freedom, we understand the way a sex addict's brain works and we use our holistic therapy approach to treat not only the sex addiction, but the additional mental illnesses or underlying causes as well. If you, or someone you love, are battling this debilitating disease, help is only a phone call away. Contact Legacy Freedom today for more information.

Sexual addiction shows many underlying similarities to an addiction to drugs and alcohol. The addict will experience a “high" during the pursuit of sex and during the act. Like drugs and alcohol, sexual activities impact the brain's activities. When sexual behavior is compulsively engaged in over time, the brain adapts to the flood of neurotransmitters. It starts to crave more intense and more frequent stimuli to feel that initial rush. Addiction to sex is often accompanied by a physical dependence, withdrawal and tolerance, much like a chemical dependency.

When the person is abruptly removed from sexual stimuli, the individual will show signs of irritability, shortness of breath, compulsive behaviors, lack of concentration, and general panic. In this stage, most addicts start looking for the next high. This is a dangerous stage of addiction because the addict will do whatever it takes to feel the rush of their next high.

A person with sexual addiction will also build up a sort of tolerance as well. During this time, the addict will engage in riskier, more intense behaviors, to feel the same rush as they did previously. This leads many sex addicts to expose themselves to extreme risks like sexually transmitted diseases or illegal activities.

If you notice these behaviors in yourself or a loved one, call Legacy Freedom. The time to seek treatment is now. Call today to speak with a counselor in Raleigh, NC, that you can trust. Here are the four main stages of sexual addiction.

  1. Preoccupation - the continual fantasizing of sexual acts or prospective partners.
  2. Ritualization - your go-to, or preferred activity. This could be as simple as watching porn, cruising internet chat rooms or personals, or masturbating. In many cases this will be a quick fix to deal with an urge.
  3. Compulsion - the continual engagement in sexual activities despite the negative influence it has on your life.
  4. Despair - guilt or shame afterwards. Many people feel withdrawn after giving in to their urges as they feel like they have no control over it.

As with any addiction the addict first must realize that they have a problem. Maintaining denial until a significant life change shocks them back into reality is common. Often a spouse leaving or losing their job provides the awakening they need to seek treatment.

Affordable Sex Addiction Counselor in Raleigh, NC | Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh provides a unique, holistic approach to the treatment of sexual addiction. Using traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies like acupuncture, adventure therapy or equine therapy can help sex addicts overcome the underlying issues that are feeding their need to act out through sexual behaviors.

The journey to living a healthier, more satisfying life begins with a single phone call to Legacy Freedom. Come see why our program is unlike anything else you have ever tried. Make the call today to speak with a counselor in Raleigh, NC at Legacy Freedom!

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