Anger Addiction, It’s Real!

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCDid you know you can be addicted to being angry? While most people dislike the sensation of anger or uncontrollable rage, there are those who become addicted to these sensations. For some people getting rid of all their stored up emotions gives them a rush of relief, for others, it's about the high your body experiences during the act of being angry, while some purely find joy in being in control. If you get angry when you use drugs or drink, please call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC.

If you are wondering how anyone can find joy in being angry, the answer lies in the chemicals of the brain. The chemical dopamine occurs naturally in your brain's limbic system. The limbic system regulates all your emotions. Dopamine is the brain's pleasure chemical and according to scientists the anatomical basis for addiction. When you engage the dopamine in your brain through enjoyable activities or the anticipation of these activities your brain learns very quickly to steer you towards those experiences. Whether it is a cocktail after work every day or a lavish spending spree, your brain registers that it feels good and seeks to repeat that behavior. This powerful cycle lives within the reward center of your brain and explains why any addiction is so difficult to overcome. Over time your brain essentially hard wires itself to seek these desirable experiences.

Like any other substance that you use regularly, your brain becomes desensitized to the routine flood of dopamine. As you build up a tolerance, getting the same feel-good result will require more and more of the chemical to be released in the brain. This is how addictions are formed.

The rush that someone feels when they get angry automatically makes them feel as though they have power and are in control of the situation. This feeling is reinforced if the situation resolves in their favor. The release of dopamine in your brain signifies that this was an enjoyable experience. For many people, the satisfaction of being right is enough. However, there are those who recognize that their anger has the potential to make them feel powerful and in control all the time.

Experiencing this rush of power is what cements the addiction to anger into place. The internal feelings of satisfaction and the external reward of having gotten their way feeds the new addicts urge to find situations to control and manipulate through their anger. While feelings of guilt and remorse over hurting a friend or loved one may creep in, the desire to feel in control and powerful overrides these negative feelings. Coupled with the dopamine that made you feel good and rewarded your behavior, your body released adrenaline which intensified the rush of the dopamine and gave you feelings of invincibility. It is no wonder that some people succumb to this cycle and become addicted to their anger.

Anger addicts use their anger and their outbursts to manipulate the people and situations around them. Many hide behind their outbursts as a way of avoiding problems or uncomfortable situations in their lives. For some anger addicts, this becomes their go-to coping mechanism, and they are no longer able to process any other emotions other than anger.

Some use their anger as a way to control their partners or spouses. Becoming angry when a spouse or partner exhibits a certain behavior or talks to certain people creates a situation where the anger addict is in control of not only the present situation, but the person and their behaviors. This type of control is especially gratifying to the anger addict.

Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NCThese behaviors satisfy the addict's internal needs and may not actually be related to a real situation that requires the kind of reaction that the addict is projecting. Every day disagreements or discussions about stressful topics like finances or coordinating schedules can cause extreme outbursts. The real issue may be that the addict knows they have over spent this month or that they don't want to have to go to a particular family event. Rather than verbalize those things, they blow up and create such a negative situation that the person who was trying to discuss the topics with them may not try again. This suits the addict just fine. They avoided an unpleasant discussion and got their dopamine rush.

Many times anger addiction is secondary to a chemical dependency. Substance abuse addicts are often angry with themselves for the hurt and damage they cause to their friends and family, but are unable to acknowledge the root of their anger. Instead, they seek the feel-good effects of blowing up at those who love them and pushing people away so that they are not confronted by the negative consequences of their addiction. Other anger addicts are born from traumatic experiences in childhood or as a young adult. Their inability or unwillingness to confront their previous trauma can lead to anger issues and substance abuse problems.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC

At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we understand that addiction begins in the mind. We are not a traditional twelve step program, we believe in utilizing a holistic approach to addiction therapy. The holistic approach allows us to treat the whole person, not just their addiction. Understanding the underlying causes or mental illnesses that may contribute to the addiction is an important part of the recovery process.

Our program is designed for and focused on you. Your Life-Purpose Coach will help you choose from more than ten alternative therapies that will assist you in your journey to an addiction free life. Choose from therapies like inner child, EMDR, tai chi or yoga. Combined with traditional talk and group therapy, our approach allows you to explore new boundaries and get to know yourself again in new and exciting ways. Addiction not only takes its toll on your mental and spiritual well-being, it also causes issues with your physical health and your relationships with those around you.

Our care team includes a physical therapist and a dietician to help you heal the damage that addiction has caused your body. Feeding your body nutritional foods and exercising will improve not only your physical condition but your mental one as well. At Legacy Freedom we understand the importance of involving your family, friends and loved ones in your drug and Wilmington alcohol rehab process. We offer group and family sessions to help ensure that you are receiving the support you need to over come you addiction and working to heal the relationships that your addiction has damaged.

The time to start living a life free from the grip of anger addiction is now. For the best drug and alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC, call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today!

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