Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center In Raleigh NC For Amphetamines

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center In Raleigh NC For Amphetamines

Amphetamines come mostly in powder, capsule and pill form. They are classified as stimulants. This term also covers a few other substances, such as methamphetamine and dextroamphetamine for example. Amphetamines were also used in slimming "medications" several years ago in packages called "wraps". These wraps consisted of a small folded piece of paper that contained a grayish powder.

Methamphetamine might be the most popular out of all the amphetamines. Sometimes called "ice" in its crystal form and "leopard's blood" as a liquid, this amphetamine can be injected, snorted, smoked or taken orally. The "ice" or crystalline form is the most popular form and it is typically smoked. The purity of street amphetamines is very low and mostly only 10% at best. That means that the other 90% is adulterated additives.

Amphetamine's Effects

The primary effect of this drug is to speed up the nervous system and brain's activity. After ingesting, the user will experience an increased heart and respiration rate. One of the main effects is that it suppresses a user's appetite. This is one of the main reasons these types of drugs are so addictive. Other effects include increased amounts of energy, alertness and confidence. You'll also find users very talkative and excited.

At higher doses, amphetamines can cause users to experience an irregular heartbeat, headaches, dizziness and panic attacks. Some will become very irritable and anxious, and will suffer from insomnia and malnutrition. The malnutrition that you see in heavy amphetamine users is because of the drug's appetite-suppressant effects.

Amphetamine abuse can lead to serious psychological and emotional problems. Abusers will battle terrible depression, paranoia and extreme aggressive behavior. The worst is amphetamine psychosis. This is a psychological state characterized by paranoid delusions and heavily resembles schizophrenia. An amphetamine overdose can result in a stroke, heart attack, seizure, coma or in some cases even death.

Common Street Names

Here are some of the more common street names you'll find teens and young adults using to describe their amphetamines:
Ice, uppers, go, goey, go fast, zip, rush. Methamphetamine, in its crystal form is often called ice, shabu, batu, glass, meth and crystal meth. Liquid meth can be referred to as ox or leopard's blood, and red speed.

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