The Number of Americans in Jail for Drugs Is Alarming

Greensboro NC Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterOften, we talk about addiction and how to get help, find recovery and lead a normal, drug free life. However, what we rarely discuss are the hundreds of thousands of people in prison on drug related charges. If you're searching for a Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center that you can trust, call Legacy. We can help you beat addiction.

This subject is one that has been in recent news, especially concerning the crackdown on a high profile international gang here in the U.S. While thinking about the number of Americans in jail on drug related charges, you might assume there aren't very many. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

According to, "About 750,000 people are arrested every year for marijuana offenses in the U.S. There’s a lot of variation across states in what happens next. Not all arrests lead to prosecutions, and relatively few people prosecuted and convicted of simple possession end up in jail. Most are fined or are placed into community supervision. About 40,000 inmates of state and federal prison have a current conviction involving marijuana, and about half of them are in for marijuana offenses alone; most of these were involved in distribution. Less than one percent are in for possession alone."

The information above shows that, though people are arrested for possession of drugs, very few of them are in prison over those charges. Trafficking, distribution and other related charges are the main reasons for incarceration.

In 2015, almost 100,000 Americans were imprisoned for drug violations. A little over 12 percent  of those people served time for violating laws that have to do with marijuana. Most of the time, these offenders are incarcerated for trafficking marijuana.

Typical offenses related to cannabis often lead to at least 88 months in jail. Almost half of all federal inmates that have been incarcerated due to marijuana have either not previously been in jail or have only a minor criminal history. More than 80 percent of these offenders did not have a firearm in their possession at the time of arrest.

Prisoners who are aged 40 or older make up one third of those incarcerated at this time due to marijuana charges. More than 30 percent of them are not U.S. citizens.

Unfortunately, in the last ten years, the percentage of cannabis related charges that led to prison time has not changed very much. It is just as high now as it was a decade ago.

There is a serious problem with drugs all over the U.S. It's something that is ruining lives. Not only for those with addiction, but also those that are trafficking and dealing. If you, or someone you know, are suffering from a drug problem, know that help is out there. Contact us to learn more.

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