Alzheimer’s Vs Dementia

therapists in Greensboro, NCDo you or someone you love have a diagnosis of dementia? Are you seeing early signs of Alzheimer's disease? If so, you might be worried about what to expect and how these two diseases are different. You might even wonder if they're the same thing. You could even be searching for qualified therapists in Greensboro, NC.

Though some might not realize it, Alzheimer's and dementia are two different diseases. Often times, people use dementia as one term to describe both.

While these two conditions are different, there are several similarities and symptoms that can be considered for both. Each condition impacts our memories, debilitates proper functioning and causes issues with communication. And the real confusing part, Alzheimer's disease is actually a type of dementia. Imagine that.

Most people who developed dementia or Alzheimer'sĀ disease tend to do so at anĀ older age. That doesn't mean that younger people cannot develop it, but it has been scientifically proven that the risks of these diseases increase with aging.

Though we might consider dementia and Alzheimer's a normal part of getting older, that is not true. It is not something that everyone suffers from .

Here, we will discuss the differences between the two, starting with dementia. We hope this information helps you understand the difference between each of them.

Dementia is actually not a disease. It's a syndrome that doesn't have a proper diagnosis. Because a group of symptoms are experienced as dementia progresses, it's an umbrella term that Alzheimer's falls under.

There are various types of dementia. People can experience one type or a mixed version of different types. The syndrome has a major effect on our ability to function properly. Older adults lose their ability to do things for themselves.

Believe it or not, more than 45 million people around the world are suffering from some type of dementia according to the world health organization.

Often times, dementia starts out in a very mild way. It takes a while for severe symptoms to show up. In the beginning stages, people with dementia might forget easy things like how to track time or directions to a familiar place.

Next, things begin to progress. Obvious signs like not being able to recall familiar names or forgetting to bathe becomes normal. Poor decision-making and continual questioning on the same subject can become an issue.

Diagnosis of dementia means a diagnosis of specific symptoms. Much like someone with a sore throat. It could be strep throat, a common cold, sinuses or allergies. When someone has dementia, they're not exactly told what is causing the symptoms. They just are diagnosed with a set of symptoms.

Alzheimer's is an actual diagnosis that is not reversible. Dementia can be reversed as long as the type of dementia being experienced is caused from something like a vitamin deficiency, drug interaction or other temporary issue.

Understanding the differences between dementia and Alzheimer's disease can be difficult for families dealing with these conditions. We hope that fits of her nation helps you better understand it should you or someone you love become diagnosed with either of the two conditions.

To learn more, visit with our next blog post. There we will talk more about these two diseases and how they might affect you or someone you love.

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