Alzheimer’s Vs Dementia, continued

Mental Health Facilities in Greensboro, NCWelcome back. We are here to talk more about Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. These two conditions are similar yet quite different. In our previous blog, we talked about them, in general. Today, we are going to talk more and discuss the symptoms of each.

Dementia affects our ability to reason properly. It also affects memory. Because it affects the mental cognitive tasks, it is an umbrella term that Alzheimer's disease falls under. Confusion, forgetfulness, losing direction or track of time are all symptoms that can be experienced. Sometimes, depression and aggression can also become an issue. Dementia is something that is more likely to develop at an older age. Brain cells become damaged due to conditions like Parkinson's, Huntington's and Alzheimer's. Degenerative diseases often cause dementia. Other causes can include chronic drug use, depression, stroke, vascular disease and other infections like HIV.

Alzheimer's affects memory and is a progressive disease that causes impairment in cognitive function, as well.

Alzheimer's can develop overtime, and begins many years before symptoms are experienced. Connections between cells cause them to die and eventually causes the brain to shrink. As Alzheimer's can be easily diagnosed, most diagnoses are correct almost 90% of the time. If you're searching for mental health facilities in Greensboro, NC that you can trust, be sure to call Legacy Freedom for help.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Shared Symptoms

  • a decline in the ability to think
  • communication impairment
  • memory impairment

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

  • lethargy
  • behavioral changes
  • confusion
  • depression
  • difficulty remembering recent events or conversations
  • difficulty speaking, swallowing
  • trouble walking in advanced stages of the disease
  • disorientation
  • impaired judgment

Dementia Symptoms

  • anxiety
  • confusion in the evening hours
  • depression
  • disorientation
  • falling
  • hallucination
  • inability to combine muscle movements
  • inability to recognize common things
  • inability to speak or understand
  • irritability
  • jumbled speech
  • lack of restraint
  • loneliness
  • making things up
  • memory loss
  • mental confusion
  • mental decline
  • mood swings
  • nervousness
  • paranoia
  • personality changes
  • restlessness
  • sleep disorder
  • unsteady walking
  • wandering and getting lost

Remember, because Alzheimer's is a form of dementia, these symptoms can be interchangeable. One that has Alzheimer's might experience any of the dementia symptoms.

According to, "Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is not a mental illness, but it can cause symptoms related to mental health, such as depression, anxiety, agitation, and hallucinations. If your loved one is having any of these symptoms, it may be helpful to have a psychiatric evaluation." This also goes for dementia. It might seem as if your loved one or yourself might be dealing with mental illness. But, because some symptoms are similar, you might not understand what it is that you're actually dealing with, without proper diagnosis from a professional.

It's best to seek medical attention if you notice any of the symptoms happening in yourself or someone you love. Professional medical care is the only way to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. We hope this information is informative and helps you better understand the differences between each of these conditions.

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