Alternative Therapies for Anxiety

therapists in Columbus, OHAccording to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 40 million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder daily. Finding a non-medical approach to combat this disorder has become a top priority for many individuals. Many of those who suffer from anxiety feel that their only option is to rely on medication to cope. However, many alternative therapies and treatments are gaining popularity with those who suffer from anxiety.

Legacy Freedom understands the importance of managing this debilitating disorder. Our holistic approach to mental health in Columbus OH to treating anxiety relies on traditional talk therapy with alternative therapies to enhance your care. We treat the whole person, not just their anxiety. Through non-traditional therapies like yoga, aromatherapy, acupuncture and sound therapy we can create a treatment plan that helps you manage and overcome your anxiety.

We also focus on your well-being. Utilizing our dieticians and life coaches, we create a customized support system with your therapists in Columbus, OH and clinicians that is designed to improve all aspects of your life and mental health.

It is important to understand how your anxiety works and what you can do to help yourself overcome it.

Triggers – The key is to realize what causes you to become anxious. Certain things trigger anxious responses. If you are not sure what your triggers are, pay attention to circumstances when you feel overwhelmed and anxious. Many individuals feel anxious when they are with a large group of strangers or social situations. Removing yourself from this situation will be the fastest and easiest fix.

Facing your fears - Try to tolerate the uncomfortable situation and push through the overwhelming anxiety using your coping techniques. When you begin to work through situations that make you anxious with your coping mechanisms you begin to remove the fear and anxiety that those situations hold for you, and they become more manageable.

Mind over matter - Individuals with anxiety often feel trapped by their thoughts. Having troublesome thoughts where people convince themselves that they are worthless or a failure can bring on constant debilitating anxiety. Keeping a journal can help you focus your thoughts during your recovery process. It will also enable you to go back and check your progress.

Go outside - When their anxiety is high, many people tend to keep themselves secluded. Getting up and taking a walk outside or just doing something with other people triggers a biochemical response that many individuals find helps them cope better.

You are what you eat - Your diet can affect your anxiety. Choosing to use caffeine, like coffee, green tea or energy drinks, can replicate the feeling of having an anxiety attack. Consuming these items can trigger sweaty palms, a racing heart, shortness of breath and dry mouth. These symptoms can cause a wave of worrisome thoughts that can easily be avoided by not using these products.

Sleeping habits - Getting too much or too little sleep can also bring on attacks. Making sure you get a consistent 6- 8 hours of calm, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep is essential to a healthy mind and body. Getting this much sleep may be difficult, but making small changes, like not going to bed with your cell phone or tablet and having a quiet place to sleep at night, will help tremendously.

Meditation - Taking time before bed to meditate or doing a few mindfulness exercises will help to focus your brain and get you to a deeper sleep faster.

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