The Future of Alcoholism Treatment Could Be Stem Cell Therapy!

alcohol rehab in columbus OHIn today's quick paced, fast moving world we see many impressive results from modern research. One such groundbreaking research is in the field of stem cell therapy. This therapy can be controversial, but it is continuing to unfold and is being used to treat many different conditions. To understand what this stem cell research can do we must first understand what it is. Stem cells "are elemental cells that have the ability to develop into distinct types of specialized cells. A stem cell has the ability to become one of 200 distinct types of cells in the human body. This can include a brain cell, lung cell, or kidney cell." For the best alcohol rehab in Columbus OH in 2018, please call Legacy Freedom of Columbus.

Stem cells come from one's own cells that are embryonic or come from tissue, blood, or bone marrow. One critical area where stem cell therapy is being used is in the treatment of alcoholism. The national Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism reports that over 80,000 people die every year from alcohol. This makes stem cell therapy an effective treatment that is showing impressive results. This post will look at the ways stem cell therapy is being used to combat alcoholism.

In recent years research has shown when addictive drugs and alcohol are used chronically neuroinflammation is increased in the body. These inflammatory activities within the brain have been shown to increase a person’s alcohol consumption habits. If you have a drinking or drug problem, call Legacy Freedom. Our holistic drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH will help you beat your addiction.

Stem cells in the body have the capability to regenerate or restore organ and tissue functions. In recent years this has proved to be successful in people who have a severe injury or deal with a chronic disease. Much research regarding stem sales has been happening in the field of diabetes and spinal cord injuries. Both of these conditions may possibly be reversed or greatly relieved by stem cell therapy in the future. Alcohol addiction treatment by using stem cells is showing promise. A recent study shows stem cells being injected intracerebrally in to lab rats produces a remarkable reduction in the ongoing consumption of alcohol.

However, administering these stem cells in this way is not the best way to introduce them in a human. The molecules are much too large. Researchers are looking at ways to improve getting these much-needed stem cells in to humans so that they are able to get to the brain where they are needed. Recent breakthroughs have created a smaller molecule that can get to the brain while being injected at a different site. This new stem cell therapy has yet to be tested in humans, but in the lab rats alcohol intake was reduced by as much as 90%. It also showed this progress within a 48-hour period of time with only one treatment. This vast improvement was shown to last up to five weeks after the one dose. If you want to beat your substance abuse issues, call Legacy and ask about our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH.

In order to use this new research lab rats were bred so that they would prefer alcohol instead of water. They quickly began to drink the equivalent of a bottle of vodka per day. This took place over a 17-week period. Once the human mesenchymal stem cells were introduced to them they begin to prefer water again.

It is important to keep in mind the various complications of alcohol on your health.

  • Heart problems can come from too much alcohol consumption over a prolonged period of time. Strokes, heart failure, and an enlarged heart are some of the many risks associated with alcoholism.
  • Liver disease will occur with alcohol consumption. Cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis of the liver due to inflammation, and other liver problems can occur.
  • Diabetes patients can have dangerous conditions when alcohol and insulin are mixed.
  • Neurological issues come from drinking to excess. Problems with the nervous system such as dementia, numbness of hands and feet, and memory issues can arise.
  • If you take medications for any medical conditions alcohol can affect how they work. Drinking alcohol can cause them to decrease or even increase in their effectiveness.
  • Digestive problems can be caused by inflammation throughout the digestive system by heavy drinking.
  • If alcohol is abused during pregnancy there is a significant risk for birth defects or a miscarriage. Babies can also be born with fetal alcohol syndrome as well. These problems can become lifelong conditions.
  • In alcoholic men, drinking substantial amounts of alcohol over an extended period of time can cause erectile dysfunction. In women, menstruation can be interrupted as well.
  • A person's overall cancer risk is greatly increased with alcohol abuse. These can include breast cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancers, liver cancer, and colon cancer.
  • Alcoholism contributes to a much weaker immune system overall. When the immune system is compromised it becomes harder to fight off diseases.

Stem cell therapy will prove to be a great tool to be used with alcohol addiction treatment in the very near future. Hopefully alcoholism and the complications from it will be easier to get under control and sobriety will be easier to maintain for life. If you need help for alcoholism know it is a journey. Research the latest in treatments to find your sobriety.

Best Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH for 2018

Much like addiction, recovery is not a straight line. Instead, recovery occurs in many ways with a variety of tools used at one’s optimal pace. Although addiction can easily become life-threatening, anything that an individual may need to regain his or her sobriety is just a phone call away. If you, or someone you love, are suffering from chemical dependency and would benefit from learning more about group therapy or other forms of treatment, call Legacy Freedom Treatment Center for a free consultation and assessment. Our team of recovery specialists is waiting for your call to discuss how our drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH can help you.

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