Alcohol Treatment Programs Linked to Crime Reduction

alcohol rehab in raleigh NCCriminal offenders who complete an alcohol treatment program are less likely to return to crime, according to a recent study done by researchers in the United Kingdom.

The researchers monitored alcoholic males with criminal records who had been assigned different types of treatment plans as part of their sentence. Of the 564 offenders who participated, groups of 141 enrolled in three different alcohol treatment plans: a Low Intensity Alcohol Program (LIAP), an Alcohol Specified Activity Requirement (ASAR), and Addressing Substance-Related Offending (ASRO). A final group of 141 did not receive treatment, so they served as the control group.

For the next year, the researchers followed the participant’s reconviction rates. They found that the males who had not completed an alcohol treatment program were twice as likely to be charged with another crime. In fact, they were 2.5 times more likely to be reconvicted.

The study, reported in the journal Alcohol abuse: Clinical and Experimental Research, provides evidence that offering alcohol abuse treatment to criminal offenders as part of their sentencing will lower the chance of them returning to crime when they’re released. The cost of having one person in prison in the U.K. is 37 times higher than the cost of putting that person in an alcohol treatment program. The cost of an offender going through the legal system numerous times increases those numbers.

There are nearly 1 million violent attacks each year in the U.K. and U.S. that are related to alcohol abuse. It is associated with 73 percent of domestic violence cases and 50 percent of violent crimes such as rape, robberies and assaults in the U.K. As more is learned about the link between alcohol abuse and crime, it has become a major concern for the World Health Organization, who has deemed is a public health issue.

In the U.S., alcohol is a factor in 40 percent of violent crimes. Criminal offenders who are still under correctional supervision make up 36 percent of the 5.3 million adults who were drinking at the time of their offense.

The benefits of providing alcohol rehab in Raleigh, as well as alcohol treatment programs, as part of total rehabilitation go beyond saving money. Criminal offenders will be getting help that they may not seek out on their own due to the stigma attached to admitting you have a problem, or because they simply can’t afford it.  Treatment for alcohol abuse can help offenders resolve issues that may have driven them to drink, which would likely change their attitudes and behaviors. They would also learn to manage anger in healthier ways. These changes can only increase the likelihood that they will not return to engaging in criminal activity again. They would have a chance to become a productive member of their community.

Opponents of mandated treatment for criminal offenders suggest that it is not as effective if someone is forced into a rehab program, but research has found that a person who is in mandated treatment is just as successful as someone who seeks treatment voluntarily.

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