Has Alcohol Ruined Your Self-Confidence?

Wilmington alcohol rehab centerPeople turn to drinking for many reasons. A common one is because they have low self-esteem, and alcohol can be the “liquid courage” that gives them the confidence they need in situations that cause anxiety.

Low self-esteem can develop from situations in the past that were not resolved. Using alcohol as a tool to manage it is unhealthy and doesn’t resolve the issue. In fact, it can make it worse because when someone decides to give up drinking, they may feel like they’ve lost any confidence they had.

Alcohol has several neurological effects that cause lowered inhibitions and impaired judgment, which can often be confused for a sense of confidence. You may make a decision while you're drunk that you feel strongly about, but it’s likely different from what you would’ve done if you were sober. That feeling of assuredness in your decision can be confused with self-confidence, or a boost in courage, but it’s simply impaired judgement. If you need an outpatient Wilmington alcohol rehab center for the holidays, Legacy can help! Call now for more information.

Self-confidence comes from feeling that you can trust in your own abilities and judgement.  It’s developed through choices you make that provide positive outcomes. It is also affected by how you think other people that you care about, such as family, friends and peers, perceive you.

People who become dependent on alcohol in order to feel confident are often lost when they give up drinking. They may feel that alcohol ruined their self-confidence because they don’t know how to regain that feeling without drinking.

They may also have made choices that had negative outcomes, and feel ashamed by things they have done while they were struggling with their addiction. They may also think that their loved ones see them in an undesirable light. Both of these factors are the opposite of how self-confidence is developed and maintained.

Part of recovery is rebuilding self-confidence. It can be achieved in a number of ways. The first is through forgiveness. Part of recovery is forgiving yourself for past mistakes. There is no reason to beat yourself up over the past, especially if you are making a genuine attempt to get better.

Recovery also involves learning better coping mechanisms for situations that cause anxiety. Once you can handle stressful experiences with healthy methods, you will feel stronger as a person. Each time you’re able to deal with a situation in a positive way, you’ll feel better about yourself.

If your lack of self-esteem stemmed from issues that you had before you started drinking, it’s important to address them so that they don’t resurface later.

How people view you can also affect your self-confidence. Once you have regained the trust of your loved ones through positive behaviors, they will begin to see you the way they did in the past. Knowing you have the respect and pride of your loved ones can help rebuild self-confidence.

You can learn to have self-confidence again without depending on alcohol as your “liquid courage.”

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