Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Raleigh | Alcohol Facts

Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Raleigh | Alcohol Facts

Alcohol is a depressant. Consuming alcohol will slow down, or depress, your central nervous system. It is, by far, the most widely used recreational drug worldwide and is responsible for a large percentage of deaths in the United States. Alcohol is made by fermenting yeast and the sugars from fruits, vegetables or grains in water to produce a drinkable ethanol. Alcohol abuser drinks are made with many different concentrations, in lots of different types of beverages.

These beverages have been produced since the dawn of time. Even today, hunter-gatherer type tribes and stately nations all consume and distill alcohol drinks. These drinks can have anywhere between 3% and 40% alcohol and are typically classified into three categories. These are beers, wines and distilled spirits. For instance, a typical beer contains about 5% alcohol whereas wine can be twice that. Alcohol abuser spirits, such as whiskey, can contain 40% or more ethanol. Legacy Freedom now offers alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh. If you, or someone you care about, have a drinking problem, then maybe it's time to get help. Call us today and let's talk about making your future brighter.

Alcohol's EffectsAlcohol and Drug Rehab In Raleigh

The primary effect of alcohol, as a depressant, is to slow down the brain and nervous system's functions. Heavy consumption of alcohol can cause nausea, vomiting, blacking out and severe confusion. In some extreme cases people can even stop breathing and die from large amounts of drinking. For most people, binge drinking can result in terrible hangovers and memory loss.

Drinking alcohol leads to reduced inhibitions and reflexes. This can put those drinking at risk of getting hurt. Studies have also shown that those people who have consumed large amounts of alcohol can sometimes become aggressive. This can encourage fighting and other risky behavior such as unsafe sex.

Common Street Names

The most common street names for alcoholic beverages are booze, drink or drank depending on your location, hooch, shine, toddy, and juice.  When referring to being 'drunk', we hear the following slang terms: wasted, hammered, tanked, plastered, canned, sloshed, housed, juiced-up & pissed. Our alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh can make sure these terms do not apply to you.


Constant heavy drinking can lead to both physical and psychological dependency. Long term alcohol abuse can cause cirrhosis of the liver and brain damage. Alcohol abusers are also more at risk for suicide, overdoses and all types of accidents.

Legacy Freedom can help the ones you love battle substance abuse. We now offer alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh, NC. Make the choice today to get your life back on track. Call us right now to get help.

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