Alcohol Can Change the Way You Look

alcohol rehab in Columbus OHDid you know that drinking alcohol can change your physical appearance? You probably understand how drinking can affect different parts of your body, like your liver and heart, but have you ever stopped and thought about what it's doing to everything else? Including how you look?

Sure, drinking and getting drunk might sound like a lot of fun for many people. However, when you find out how alcohol can physically change your appearance over time, the partying does not sound like as much fun anymore. Continue reading to learn more about how drinking too much can alter your appearance. For the most affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom!

How Alcohol Affects the Way You Look

When we first start thinking about how alcohol changes our physical appearance, we have to start with weight gain. That's right, drinking alcohol is quite fattening.  Take a standard pint of beer for instance. At 5% alcohol content by volume, that's almost the same amount of calories as one burger. And drinking liquor can be even more fattening.   In one night someone can easily consume 2000 calories from alcohol beverages.

This is just one of a few ways alcohol can affect your appearance, check out the rest below.

Alcohol and Your Skin - Alcohol dehydrates your body. So when you drink a lot of it, your skin loses nutrients and vitamins that are key to keeping your skin looking beautiful and healthy. Furthermore, heavy drinking can also lead to skin conditions like Psoriasis and Rosacea. If these conditions are left untreated for too long, they can lead to other medical complications.

Bloating - Do you like to look swollen all the time? If so, drinking is perfect for you. Drinking heavily can give a person the dreaded bloated belly and face look. Since alcohol has toxins in it, some people are more sensitive to these toxins and might suffer from different levels of bloating.

You'll Get Older, Quicker - Drinking heavily will make you look about ten years older than you really are over time. So if you want to slow down the aging, slow down the drinking.

From Smiles to Frowns - If you're an alcoholic, more than likely it will show on your face. People with substance abuse problems also typically suffer from other issues as well. These can be paranoia, anxiety, fatigue, and sadness. Furthermore, a hangover by itself will cause anyone frown.

Fingernails and Hair - Drinking too much alcohol can dehydrate your body. This will make your hair and nails become brittle and dry. Without re-hydrating, your entire body will suffer.

Affordable Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH | Legacy Freedom

Whether you're a casual drinker, binge drinker or a full blown alcoholic, drinking too much over the course of time can certainly change your physical appearance. Furthermore, you'll not only change on the outside, but you'll change on the inside as well. This can come in the form of your internal organs being affected, or your soul and mental state declining. Do yourself a favor and start to limit your alcohol intake. Try to keep it only to a rare occasions. If you are struggling with a dependence upon alcohol, reach out for help. Legacy Freedom is here for you. We offer the best outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH. Our caring professionals are equipped to help you stop drinking and begin living the kind of life you really want to live. The first step is always the hardest, but it is completely worth it! Call Legacy for more information.

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