Alcohol Abuse and Sex

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Parents might not realize it, but teens face daily tough choices. There are some days and nights where teenagers have to make quick, adult decisions that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Some of these choices might revolve around drinking alcohol and having premarital sex. In this post, we want to highlight some things we feel everyone should know regarding the relationship between sex and alcohol.

First and foremost, alcohol alters your ability to think clearly, process information and make good decisions. When any person drinks too much they lose some of their inhibitions and are willing to engage in acts that they normally would not consider while sober. This can include hooking up and having sexual experiences with random people which can lead to devastating consequences like rape, sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. If you have a child with a drinking or substance abuse problem then please call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers. We offer top notch alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, Charlotte NC and Raleigh NC.

Sobering Stats

Getting drunk or high really impairs your decision-making abilities so using protection is not usually the first thing on your mind. For instance, a Great Britain study found that one in seven 16-to-24-year-olds have had unprotected sex, 1-in-5 have had sex that they regretted, and 1-in-10 have been unable to remember if they even had sex the night before after drinking alcohol. When you mix sex and alcohol, or other substances, the risk of getting pregnant by chance can also increase due to the failure to use protection. Exposure to STDs - sexually transmitted diseases - also increases for the very same reasons. Another recent study found that about 60% of college women infected with STDs got them while drunk or under the influence of a substance.

One of the biggest issues with mixing alcohol and sex is sexual assault. It is one of the most well known dangers and one of the most important to avoid. Sexual assault can also lead to an unwanted pregnancy, STD, or both. Engaging in sexual activity with an incapacitated person due to drugs and alcohol is also against the law as the person is not able to give consent. When we say incapacitated we mean someone who is passed out, unconscious, or too drunk or high to really make a clear decision. So what can you do to protect yourself while you're out drinking? Our center for drug rehab in Columbus OH put together a few tips to help you be safer the next time you overindulge in alcohol.

The Buddy System - Use the buddy system. Do not go to parties or events where alcohol will be served, alone. Take a friend or two to look out for you. Make sure you have a designated driver that will be staying sober to look out for you and your other friends in the event you all drink too much. Having a sober person with you that will be able to think clearly and keep you safe is always a great idea.

Safe Drinking - Safe drinking means a few different things. One, watch how much you drink and always "watch" your drinks. Before you go out for the night set a limit and stick with it. If you plan on only have 2 or 3 drinks then only have that amount and do not go over your limit. Never leave your drinks unattended and never take free drinks from strangers. This is an easy way to be taken advantage of with date rape drugs.

Set Boundaries - If you are going out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, the person you are dating, or the person you are just hanging out with make sure to have a talk about your boundaries and what you feel comfortable with before you even start drinking. Set limits as to what kind of touching you are comfortable with when sober and that should set the groundwork for what you're comfortable with when you're not.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OH

Legacy Freedom offers premier drug rehab in Columbus OH, Raleigh NC, and Charlotte NC. We take a holistic approach to your treatment instead of using drugs to treat a drug problem. Call us today and ask about our different types of alternative treatment services. Our programs for drug rehab in Columbus OH are affordable and they actually work.

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