Alcohol Abuse and Senior Citizens

For many adult children, dealing with a senior parent with a drinking problem can be a nightmare. You can feel as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You are not alone. Alcohol abuse among seniors is common. Researchers have found that about 30% of seniors suffering from alcohol abuse developed the condition really late in life. There are many contributing factors to this. Big changes in a senior citizen's life can be detrimental to them. Seniors have a very hard time with transition periods and most are very stuck in their ways.

Triggers, such as the loss of a spouse, or family member, can create great changes in a senior's life. Loss of a job, or change in financial situation can have a negative impact on anyone's life, but more so a senior because of their lack of job opportunity. Some seniors might find themselves unable to live alone, and some retirement communities can create a alcoholic atmosphere with parties and happy hours. Often, seniors find that their coping mechanisms are outdated so they turn to alcohol. Their families are left struggling to clean up the mess. At Legacy Freedom, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC can help your senior parent deal with life and find better coping strategies so they can kick their alcohol abuse.

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Some seniors fall into the high-functioning alcoholic category. For years, this group has held down a job, maintained their family duties, and taken care of other responsibilities, all while being an alcoholic. Alcohol abuse is a progressive condition. It does more and more damage as time goes by. Alcohol abuse affects everything and everybody in your life. You will have memory loss, financial loss, and most importantly - family loss. Alcohol abuse can rip families apart.

Age Sensitivity Works

When treating seniors, older people respond to treatment better in age specific group and rehab programs. Pairing a senior with a teenager, in group, would not accomplish anything positive. Seniors also relate the words addict, addiction, drug user, alcohol, and alcohol abuse to failing in their moral values. Be aware of this and remember it is wise to be sensitive to these general values. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Raleigh NC can help older people with age appropriate programs that enable our senior patients to live again without a substance abuse problem.

Health Hazards for Alcohol abuser Seniors

Alcohol abuse can affect many different areas of the body. It can cause memory loss and forgetfulness. Alcohol effects balance. Seniors are already more at risk for falls and drinking heavily makes an accident almost a sure thing. Seniors can incur great bodily harm from falling. These include broken hips, legs, arms and necks. Scientific study has shown that mixing alcohol with medication can be fatal, or at least very harmful to one's health. Do not mix alcohol with allergy, sleep, pain, anxiety and some over-the-counter medications. Existing health complications can get worse with heavy drinking patterns also. This especially includes liver and kidney problems.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Raleigh NC for Seniors

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Lately we have been posting more educational topics to help our readers deal with their own personal encounters with addiction. We know how hard it can be to deal with an alcoholic parent ... especially one in the senior category. We offer holistic, outpatient treatment so your mom or dad can get the help they need to continue having a great life. Do it for them, do it for your children. After all, don't they deserve to know who their grandparents are? Call us today so we can help your family.

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