Does Aging in Place Improve the Mental Health of Seniors?

Charlotte mental health servicesAs the Baby Boomer generation ages, a new term has been coined - aging in place. What does aging in place mean and how will this trend impact the mental health of our aging population? While few studies have examined the benefits or detriments of allowing seniors to age in place, researchers do know that seniors who are active and engaged have better mental health overall. For the best Charlotte mental health services for seniors, call Legacy Freedom today.

What Is Aging in Place?
Aging in place refers to allowing seniors to stay in their own homes rather than transitioning to a nursing home or a retirement community. For many seniors, staying in their own home offers comfort and stability that helps make the aging process less frightening. As the cost of skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and elder care continues to rise, more families are opting to make the homes their aging parents and relatives live in easily accessible and safe for those who want to maintain their independence and live their golden years alone.

Research has shown that those seniors who move into supportive senior housing or nursing home facilities report higher levels of depression, loss of a sense of self, a loss of independence, and a loss of privacy. However, those who expressed a desire to stay in their homes and age in place have reported a greater feeling of overall health and well-being. These seniors also say that they are more active than their counterparts who are in nursing home facilities or supportive senior communities and that they are happier and have a higher quality of life.

It's no secret that keeping your body moving helps your mental health. Seniors who live independently are more likely to participate in their community through religious activities, support groups, and staying connected with family and friends. Socialization plays a large part in keeping depression and anxiety at bay. As friends and loved ones pass away, seniors who have homes, pets, and social obligations to attend to are more likely to grieve in a healthy manner.

Best Charlotte Mental Health Services for Seniors

Are you struggling with mental health concerns as a result of age or a change in your living situation? Legacy Freedom can help you cope with this time of transition. Our holistic approach to Charlotte mental health services has worked for thousands of clients. Whether you are struggling with depression due to a chronic illness or the loss of a friend or spouse, our care team can create a plan of care that is unique to you and your needs. If transitioning to a nursing home or a senior community has made you feel anxious or fearful, our compassionate and caring therapists will help you work through these feelings so that you can begin to settle into your new home and routine.

Aging is filled with unexpected emotions and anxieties. We can help. Through traditional talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatments, Legacy Freedom can help you maintain a quality life and excellent mental health.

Call or click today to connect with our care team and learn more about what makes Legacy Freedom of Charlotte unique.

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