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Psychologist in Charlotte, NCWelcome back to the second part of our series on adjustment disorders. As we learned in our previous post, adjustment disorders can result from the stress and anxieties surrounding numerous stressful and challenging events in our lives. Knowing the signs and symptoms that accompany an adjustment disorder can help you identify when you are having difficulty. Whether the event is a positive one like the purchase of a new home or a wedding, or an unhappy experience like the loss of a loved one or a job, making the transition past the event can be difficult. Anyone can have difficulty adjusting to a new life change. If you need to speak with a psychologist in Charlotte, NC, call Legacy. We can help.

There are six different types of adjustment disorders:

  • Adjustment disorder with anxiety: Difficulties with memory and concentration are the key indicators for this type of adjustment disorder. People also feel anxious, overwhelmed, on edge or worried.
  • Adjustment disorder with depressed mood: Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, low energy, weeping or crying frequently, feelings of hopelessness and sadness.
  • Adjustment disorder with mixed depressed mood and anxiety: Experience anxiety and depression simultaneously. You may feel listless, sad and worry to excess.
  • Adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and behavior: Characterized by reckless or rebellious behaviors mixed with bouts of anxiety and depression.
  • Adjustment disorder with disturbance of behavior: Destructive, irrational or irresponsible behavior are associated with this type. People may overspend, indulge in risky sex or consume drugs or alcohol to excess.
  • Unspecified adjustment disorder: Difficulties relating to family, friends or co-workers are observed. Physical symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, pain, tendency to isolate and digestion issues are common.

Affordable Psychologist in Charlotte, NC For Adjustment Distorders

It is possible for a person to fall into one or more of the categories for adjustment disorder or to have additional symptoms which do not fit the defined category. At Legacy Freedom, we understand that significant life changes bring about an enormous amount of stress. Whether it's the birth of a new baby or a cross country move, coping can be difficult. We believe in utilizing a holistic approach to treating mental health concerns like adjustment disorder. By treating the whole person and not just the disorder, we can get to the root of the underlying issues. Whether it's untreated depression, chronic anxiety or PTSD, your one-on-one talk therapy with our highly trained therapists can help you isolate the root problems which make it difficult for you to cope. Through group therapy, you will find support in your peers and build connections to continue that support outside our outpatient facility. Legacy believes in involving family and loved ones when appropriate and unique family therapies are available.

Overcoming your adjustment disorder requires you to learn new coping skills and grow through a therapeutic process. With more than ten alternative therapies available, Legacy Freedom offers something for everyone. Calm your anxiety through mindfulness practices like tai chi and yoga. Learn to breathe deep and let go with aromatherapy and sound therapy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and build trust with equine or adventure therapy. Learn more about our additional offerings on our website and work with your care team to choose the right therapies for you.

None of this therapeutic work is possible without a healthy body. Our staff dietician and physical therapist help you heal, repair and nourish your body through rehabilitative exercise and proper nutrition. Healing you mind, body and spirit is our goal at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte.

Ready to learn more about our holistic approach to mental health? Ready to take back control and cope with the stresses in your life? Call or click to connect with a psychologist in Charlotte, NC that you can trust. Begin your journey to healing today!

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