ADHD Can Increase Substance Abuse Risk

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Do you, or someone you know have ADHD? ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and thanks to a recent study, we now have some clear facts that show about one-third of young adults diagnosed with this disorder are at risk of developing a substance abuse problem. Legacy Freedom is your outpatient center for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, Raleigh NC and Charlotte NC. If you have a problem with amphetamines due to ADHD, we can help. We treat our patients with holistic, alternative programs that allow them to navigate life without a crutch. Call us today to learn more.

Thanks to investigators from the Massachusetts General Hospital, two long-term studies were intensely reviewed and found that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can significantly increase the risk of cigarette smoking and other substance abuse problems in both girls and boys. Timothy Wilens, M.D. was one of the researchers that helped in the review of this data and he said “Our study, which is one of the largest sets of longitudinal studies of this issue to date, supports the association between ADHD and substance abuse found in several earlier studies and shows that the increased risk cannot be accounted for by co-existing factors such as other psychiatric disorders or family history of substance abuse,” and that “Overall, study participants diagnosed with ADHD had a 1-1/2 times greater risk of developing substance abuse than did control participants.”

To conclude these findings, the researchers examined data from two previous studies. One was for boys and one for girls and they analyzed a broad range of psychiatric and behavioral disorders in these participants that were diagnosed with attention deficit disorder when they were children. The study was made up of 268 participants with ADHD and 220 control participants that were equally divided by gender and provided over a decade of follow-up information.

Over the decade, 32% of the ADHD participants developed problems with substance abuse, compared to 25% of the control group. This data also included cigarette smoking because of its addictive nature. The research found that factors such as gender, cognitive problems, mood problems, school problems or family substance abuse history surprisingly did not negatively impact the risk of these participants for developing a substance abuse problem, but ADHD tripled these risks.

Dr. Wilens also said that “Anyone with ADHD needs to be counseled about the risk for substance abuse, particularly if they have any delinquency,” and that they “still need to understand why some kids with ADHD develop substance abuse and others don’t, whether particular treatment approaches can prevent substance problems and how best to treat young adults that have both ADHD and substance abuse.”

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