Why Do so Many Addicts Smoke Cigarettes?

raleigh NC alcohol rehabThere has been a long-established link between cigarette smoking and substance abuse. Studies indicate that 80-95% of alcoholics smoke and that these smokers smoke at a rate that is three times higher than the rate of the rest of the population. While only ten percent of the population are heavy smokers who smoke more than one pack per day, more than 70% of alcoholics can be classified as heavy smokers. So how does being addicted to smoking help or hurt the recovery process for those who are working towards breaking their addiction to alcohol or drugs? If you need Raleigh NC alcohol rehab, trust Legacy Freedom. Call us today!6

The Association of American Family Physicians (AAFP) released a study that found that 85% of those who were in recovery for alcohol use still smoked. Any addiction is dangerous during recovery. Switching one set of bad behavior for another can make breaking the addiction to alcohol or drugs more difficult. Any addiction is hazardous to your health and can cause serious health problems or death. Between one-third and one-half of those who are lifelong smokers will die from an illness that can be attributed to smoking.

Continuing to smoke while working on your addiction to drugs or alcohol can be counterproductive to your recovery efforts. Smoking can increase the cravings you have for other substances that were used at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, quitting smoking while you are working on getting clean and sober does not threaten your recovery progress at all. Studies have shown that smoking cessation has increased the rate at which addicts recover from other addictions.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addictions regularly addresses co-occurring problems like mental health issues or mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Few treatment programs place emphasis on the need to quit smoking while you are working on breaking the addiction to alcohol or drugs. Treating smoking like any other addiction while you are recovering can help ensure that any type of compulsive behaviors won't tempt the newly sober addict.

If you are trying to quit smoking while you are in recovery, there are some very important things you need to know about the process. For the best Raleigh NC alcohol rehab, Legacy can help. Call us today.

Be Prepared for Withdrawal

Just like with alcohol or drugs, when you stop smoking your body will manifest symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Difficulty concentrating, irritability, nervousness, and other symptoms can occur after you stop using tobacco. Knowing that these symptoms are coming and that you need to be prepared to deal with them can help make them more tolerable. Withdrawal typically resolves within a few weeks.

Have a Plan for Help

Like quitting any other substance you need to have a plan in place to help you quit and stay away from tobacco. Your primary care physician, the American Lung Association, and Nicotine Anonymous can provide you with resources to help make your choice to quit more successful. Over the counter medications and patches have been proven effective for many people in their efforts to stop smoking.

Use Your Recovery Tools

Temptations and difficulties can make it hard to quit, but if you utilize the tools you've learned in your recovery efforts with alcohol or drugs to help you, taking things one day at a time becomes possible. Staying busy, checking in with your support system, and developing healthy habits can help make quitting smoking more successful.

Affordable Raleigh NC Alcohol Rehab

At Legacy Freedom, we understand that making the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol can be difficult. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery has helped thousands overcome their chemical dependency and lead a sober, purpose-filled life. We are not a twelve step program. Instead, we combine traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods to help you beat your addiction and learn new ways to cope with old, unhealthy behaviors.

Each client is assigned a Life-Purpose Coach to help them rediscover their passions and motivations. Addiction can turn your focus from the things you enjoy and your passions to a full-time search for your next high. Our team knows that the secret to overcoming your addiction lies in understanding why you use and what triggers you to use. Many of our clients find that they are living with an untreated mental illness or that their need to use comes from a long ago endured trauma. No matter why you use, our team can help you learn healthy ways to cope without using alcohol or drugs.

Legacy Freedom of Raleigh proudly offers more than ten different types of alternative treatment methods to help our clients overcome their addiction and learn new ways to cope with negative thoughts or feelings that would have previously triggered the need to use. Addiction takes its toll on your health and well being. Each client has access to our staff physical therapist and dietician to help heal and nourish your body. By combining regular exercise with proper nutrition, your cravings and your need to use can be diminished. Adding alternative therapies like EMDR, tai chi, and equine assisted therapy to the mix have been useful in helping break the cycles of addiction for thousands.

Getting started with quality addiction treatment is as easy as calling or clicking to chat with one of our expert care team members. Stop letting your addiction control your life and damage your relationships. Reignite your passion for living a clean and sober lifestyle with holistic addiction treatment from Legacy Freedom.

What are you waiting for? Get started today with Raleigh NC alcohol rehab you can depend on!

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