Why Addicts Can’t Manage Their Anger

wilmington, NC drug rehabPeople often turn to drugs or alcohol to manage underlying mental health issues. For some people, using drugs or alcohol is their way of responding to strong or unpleasant feelings like sadness, anxiety or anger. Expressing anger in a healthy or positive way can be quite difficult for people who utilize substances to help them not feel. However, the cycle of anger and abuse is a difficult one to break, often leading to extreme outbursts of rage and frustration which may be prefaced or followed by intense periods of drug or alcohol use. If you need Wilmington, NC drug rehab, call Legacy Freedom today.

Experts believe that poor anger management and substance abuse are directly linked. People with poor anger management skills who are plagued by substance abuse issues are more likely to demonstrate their anger and frustration through negative actions. The way that these people process emotions like sadness, humiliation or anger occurs in dysfunctional ways. Expressing this anger in inappropriate ways through the use of inappropriate language, violence, or destructive behaviors towards others or themselves creates further issues. The desire to use substances to avoid the feelings they have after one of these episodes continues to feed the addiction and anger cycle.

Addicts often experience anger towards themselves. Many addicts feel angry with themselves because they are weak or powerless over their addiction. Feeling out of control and responsible for the damage that their addiction is causing their family and friends only intensifies the feelings of anger that addicts experience. Addicts will continue to confront this powerful emotion as they continue to recover. During recovery, without the alcohol or drugs to dull the emotions they feel, recovering addicts will be faced with the full effect of their emotions. These emotions become overwhelming and debilitating. Addicts who are new to their sobriety will experience a relapse when confronted with these intense feelings.

Unhealthy anger displays are defined by several key characteristics:

  • Avoiding or blocking the person, situation, or thing that is causing them anger or frustration. Through this process, they numb themselves to the feelings that this person, situation or thing causes. This allows them to avoid confronting the issue and investing any real emotion in it.
  • Emotionally punishing people without a clear explanation of why they are angry or what precipitated their anger. This can include giving someone the silent treatment, ignoring them or refusing to listen to them or hear anything about them.
  • Outbursts of screaming obscenities, violent threats or long rants about their own life or ways they feel they have been wronged.
  • Revenge plotting or violent fantasies about how to make someone pay when they feel like they have been wronged.
  • Violent behavior related to these uncontrolled outbursts. This includes hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, spitting or using objects to hit people or other objects.
Affordable Wilmington, NC Drug Rehab And Alcohol Treatment

If you, or someone you love, are experiencing intense anger issues as a result of your substance abuse or you have turned to alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings, Legacy Freedom can help. Our addiction recovery program is not a 12 step program. We are a holistic based treatment center with a singular focus: You. By focusing on healing the whole person, we can get to the root of your anger issues or the reason that you are turning to alcohol or drugs to manage your emotions. Whether it's a painful childhood or low self-esteem, your team of therapists and clinicians will help you identify the issue and work with you to begin your journey towards sobriety.

Addiction takes its toll on your whole being. To ensure that your sobriety is lifelong we will help your mind, body and spirit heal. As you work with our staff dietician and physical therapist, you can begin to nourish your body and learn positive eating habits and exercises to help you restore your health. Engage your mind in talk therapy and alternative therapies like yoga, tai chi, sound therapy and any one of our other alternative therapies. If you prefer to have the support of a group during your recovery, group therapy and family programs are available as well. Let your Life-Purpose Coach help you engage your spirit and unlock your deepest desires and ambitions. An addiction doesn't mean your dreams have to end. See our previous post on how recovering addicts can still follow their dreams.

Learning how to respond to your emotions, especially your anger, in positive ways is difficult. This is especially true when it is coupled with the journey towards sobriety. As you begin to heal and detoxify your body, you will encounter unpleasant emotions and memories. Working through them and responding in new and less rage filled ways will take time. However, these are some basic strategies that can help:

  • Relapse is common in the first stages of sobriety and therapy. It is easy to slip back into old behaviors. Choose to avoid people or situations that will challenge your new habits or your sobriety. Opt for engaging with your support system or a recovery friend instead. Part of developing a new healthy and positive lifestyle may mean leaving behind certain people or avoiding situations.
  • When the anger takes over, it can be hard to control yourself physically. If your emotions make you feel the need to react in a physical way, channel that into positive motion like weight lifting, running, swimming or biking. Remind yourself that hitting, pushing or kicking someone or something in anger is a setback.
  • As much as you try to avoid situations or people who will make you angry, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unexpectedly upset. When that happens, rely on the anger management skills you have learned from Legacy Freedom and walk away. Once you have gained your composure, you can come back to the person or situation and begin to address it in a calm and positive way.
  • Embrace a new hobby as a way of channeling your anger. Many people find that painting, journaling, gardening or cooking can be very therapeutic and allow them to take their bottled up energy and make something good come from it. Maybe your addiction has forced you to put away something you once had a passion for, recovery is a excellent time to rediscover yourself and your passions.

When you are ready to break the cycle of anger and emotion fed addiction, Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is here to help. Your journey towards a sober and purpose filled life is a phone call or a mouse click away. No matter how many times you've started, how big your addiction is or how unsure you are, Legacy Freedom can help. Our care team is ready and waiting. Read our blogs, learn about our different therapy options and find out why the holistic approach at Legacy is different than anything you have ever tried. Call today!



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