Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Asheville Drug RehabDo you have an addictive personality? Have you ever even heard of such a thing? If you're not sure, there are several ways to decide whether or not your personality is one that can be more susceptible to habit forming behaviors. Unfortunately, addictive personalities have specific traits that can be problematic when addictions to drugs or alcohol develop. Below, you will find red flags to watch for. If you are ready for Asheville drug rehab, call Legacy. We can help you today!

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol tend to lie often. They must keep their addiction a secret so they'll do or say whatever it takes in order to keep it that way. Unfortunately, people who have a tendency to lie or stretch the truth without any problems might have an addictive personality. This means they may be more susceptible to substance abuse problems and addiction.

People with impulsive behavior tendencies often do things without ever thinking about consequences or impacts. This includes drunk driving, binge drinking, using drugs for the first time and more. Impulsive behavior can lead to many risky and dangerous actions. It can also be indicative of addictive personality.

One who can manipulate well without stopping to consider the feelings of others might be suffering from an addictive personality. Addicts tend to manipulate their loved ones and people around them when drugs or alcohol are involved. They will manipulate to get money, more drugs or alcohol, or when they need to dodge responsibility.

It's easy to shift blame when someone has an addictive personality. People who shift the blame rarely see their own flaws. They're not able to hold themselves accountable for their mistakes. This can be a trait that leads to addiction later on.

Thrill seekers or sensation seekers are those who need an adrenaline rush to feel alive and excited. While this can be fun, sometimes it's taken to the point that it becomes an issue. When this is the case, addictive personalities start to show. This can then lead to experimenting with drugs and alcohol to find the edge of an adrenaline rush.

Sometimes people who have addictive personality traits also have trouble setting and reaching goals. Because they're unable to control impulsive behaviors, they rarely have the ability to commit to goals and values or stick with them.

Stress and anxiety cause problems for many people. However, when an addictive personality is in the mix, stress and anxiety are at all-time highs. Often, they regret their impulsive behaviors, become depressed about not being able to set and reach goals as well as regret being manipulative and/or dishonest.

Social alienation comes with addictive personalities for several reasons. The most common reason most people with an addictive personality tend to be socially distant is because they are worried their true personality will be seen for what it is. They have trouble getting close to others and try not to be transparent.

Constantly having negative feelings of self-worth is indicative of addictive personality disorder. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from this issue feel that they are not worthy of friends, family or anything good in their lives. In addition, they have continual mood swings that go from very happy to very sad. They rarely have times when their happiness lasts for a while. They swing from low to high constantly, just as an addict would.

Unfortunately, having traits of an addictive personality disorder is something that could lead to drug and alcohol addiction in the future. Treating your addictive personality disorder may be your best option. You can stop signs and symptoms of this type of disorder through holistic therapy. Then, you should be able to fight substance abuse and addiction tendencies, as well.

As you can see, those that have addictive personality disorder can also have substance abuse disorder. There is a strong link between the two. Please join us for our next blog post, as we will continue discussing this matter. If you're interested in talking with Legacy Freedom about Asheville rehab, contact us. We are here to help.

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