Most Addictive Drugs, Continued.

Welcome back. In our last blog post, we talked about the most addictive drugs available. All drugs that can cause addictions are dangerous, but there are a few that are more dangerous than others. This is because these drugs react differently. They also cause a quicker, stronger addiction that’s hard to recover from. To read more from our previous blog, before moving on, click here.

Cocaine | Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC

A drug that negatively affects the brain and heart, as well as seriously affects the central nervous system is cocaine. We’ve all heard about this drug at some point in our lives. In addition to causing dangerous side effects, cocaine can also cause sudden death in some instances.

There are almost instant effects that come from using this drug, including mood elevation. Those that are addicted to this drug will insist they aren’t addicted. This is where the dangerous issues come into play. They’ll continue to use the drug because they don’t “feel” addicted. While cocaine is in the system, it harms the entire body, including blood vessels, lungs, kidneys and more.


According to, “As with opium, heroin comes from the opium poppy and drug addictions to this drug can happen easily. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs there is as well as being one of the most destructive. A person can become addicted in as little as three days of using heroin. It can make people feel euphoric and content. Because many people inject heroin there is a high risk of infection, AIDS, and lethal injections. Withdrawal is usually nasty and includes shivering, diarrhea, restlessness, and intense craving of the drug.”

As we mentioned above, all addictions to drugs are dangerous and can cause serious health issues, but there are some drugs that can create a quicker addiction. It’s important to educate yourself and those you love about these drugs so that you’re able to identify them and the severe issues they can almost instantly cause.

Legacy Freedom | Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC

Drug addiction isn’t something that can be resolved overnight. It’s a serious problem that many enter drug rehab in Charlotte NC for. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and need help, contact Legacy Freedom. Our counselors are standing by to help. No matter how bad drug use has become, there’s still hope for recovery. Contact us to learn more about drug rehab.

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