Addiction Recovery and Procrastination

Wilmington NC alcohol rehab and drug treatmentEveryone procrastinates. Mark Twain said, “Never put off 'til tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” But everyone has to stop procrastinating when it comes to the important things. Twain wouldn’t have written over two dozen books if he put off writing until the following day.

A person in recovery needs to work on certain aspects of themselves regularly in order to stay sober. If someone leaves a treatment program and doesn’t continue to work on their sobriety, they could relapse.

Procrastination is not just putting off things you need to do; it can be the act of putting less important things over the things you should be doing. For example, a student might put off working on a term paper and choose to play his guitar all evening. Not turning in a paper will have a harsher consequence than not practicing chords. The student could get a bad grade and possibly fail the class. The consequence of not playing guitar that night is just missing a few hours of practice.

Someone just out of a Wilmington NC alcohol rehab and drug treatment program may know that it’s important to attend support meetings every week, but may put off going the first time. It could be because it’s inconvenient, or because he is afraid of going to a new place. Procrastination over something important for being successful in recovery can cause a person to regress rather than continue to progress.

There is a theory that some people are demand resistant. They put things off because they have an unconscious negative response to demands. Even if the “demand” is something that is beneficial to the individual, he will automatically avoid it. It is thought to have developed from childhood experiences, and can cause someone to have problems with authority figures.

It’s necessary for someone in recovery to figure out why he procrastinates when it comes to important things. It can be hard to deal with issues that may have deep roots. The issues could be what drove him to turn to alcohol or drugs in the first place. Dealing with problems is part of the recovery process, and can help uncover the reason behind constant procrastination.

Sometimes there isn’t an underlying issue. Sometimes it just seems easier to not do certain things. Someone in recovery may feel the need to make things easy in order to cope with being sober. While that’s understandable, it’s not healthy. You have to work hard in order to strengthen your sobriety. The more you can accomplish, the more confidence you will build. The more confidence you have, the less you will want to return to your old ways.

When procrastination creeps into your thoughts, remind yourself how much better you will feel when you go ahead and do that task you’d like to put off. It’ll get easier each time.

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