Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Preventing Relapse | Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC

Welcome back to the final blog post in this series, Addiction Recovery. The end of the overall recovery journey lies within preventing relapse. This part of it is a lifelong process that can take years to master. You might find that you’ll be fighting to prevent relapse for the rest of your life.

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Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Relapse Prevention

Being sober and staying sober takes a strength that can only come from practice and abstinence. It’s also a choice, at this point. Once you’re safely detoxed off drugs or alcohol and working with a drug rehab in Charlotte NC to learn how to deal with recovery, you’re able to make mindful decisions that you can focus all your attention on.

There will be times that you worry that you’ll fall back into the habit of using, but there are ways to deal with the stress, anxiety and cravings.

The first step in learning to prevent relapse is learning to cope with triggers. Until this point, you've been avoiding them, it's time to learn to face them without having to run away. You don't have to go out looking for them, but you can deal with them as they come. This might take a really long time, but eventually, you'll be able to go to a bar or walk by a certain street without getting a strong craving to use again.

You’ll also need to enlist the help of friends and family that support your decision to become drug or alcohol free. They can help you in your fight to prevent relapse. There are several techniques to help you stay sober. Below, you’ll find a few that will help.

Establish a routine. Never let yourself have too much free time. Start a routine right out of drug rehab in Charlotte NC and stick with it, no matter what. This is crucial for the first couple of years. It might seem difficult to start a new daily routine, but after a while you’ll learn to enjoy it.

Read. Reading is relaxing and also helps the brain to focus. You’ll need a lot of focus during this journey, but you’ll also need to learn to relax, as well. Many times, addicts have trouble relaxing. That’s what leads them to a substance abuse issue in the first place. Use reading as a tool to help you through this time.

Take long walks or jog. Another great way to relax is through long evening walks or jogs. This helps clear your mind after a long day. It also offers exercise, which is our next tip.

Exercise is a great tool. Not only is it great to be in shape, it’s also a great way to blow off steam. Before work, after work or during your lunch hour, try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

For more tips to prevent relapse, visit back with our next blog post, soon. Contact Legacy Freedom, drug rehab in Charlotte NC for help with your addiction through tailored programs that work.

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