If You Have Addiction Problems Willpower Is Not Enough to Overcome Them

columbus oh alcohol rehab centerAt an early age we soon discover that we get to make choices in life. As children those choices are fairly easy. We choose who we want our friends to be, whether we want to eat or not, and what television shows we want to watch. As we get older the choices get harder and those choices often define who we are. An important word that we learn is willpower. Willpower is defined as "the self-discipline or self-control of an individual.” Willpower is what helps us to not be influenced by what others might be doing. It also is that ability that helps us to resist temptation. Our willpower is what strengthens our character over time and is our inner strength. Our strength of character can be one of the major determinants in our lifestyle choices. We can become stronger in our willpower or self-discipline through skill training, developing ourselves personally, and life tests over a period of time. Our ability to be self-disciplined can help us in times when we are tested and will help us to resist alcohol, drugs, and other substance abuse issues. Learning to have willpower will improve your life for the better. If you need a Columbus OH alcohol rehab center or drug treatment facility to help you get sober, contact Legacy today.

As you enter into adulthood it is easy for you to give in to new experiences or pressure from our peers. Sometimes this comes from simply wanting to have fun and other times you begin a new experience hoping it will help you handle personal problems you might be experiencing in your life. Using substances such as alcohol or drugs repeatedly and intentionally can become an addiction problem. Beginning to drink for the first time or use drugs recreationally does not mean that one is planning to become addicted but unfortunately addiction can quickly become very real. Once you begin to drink more often or take drugs on a continual basis addiction will quickly become a reality. An addict never intentionally sets out to become addicted. Often, people think that will never happen to them but soon learn it can happen quickly.

Substance abuse then becomes a choice you have made. Once you are addicted another choice you will have to make is in getting the right help to stop your substance abuse problem. How successful you are will depend on a number of factors. One of those factors is your willpower, combined with genetics and your current environment. It will also be dependent upon the proper professional help that you seek. Not having willpower is certainly not the only reason addiction occurs. Many studies over the years have shown that people can develop substance abuse problems after a traumatic experience, as a result of mental illness, or as the result of lifestyle or social factors. The environment in which we live and function can also play a huge role in substance abuse. Often there is a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. These are not the only factors that play a part in substance abuse, but they certainly contribute.

Being able to overcome one’s addiction to alcohol or drugs will be difficult. The challenges that an addict faces will play a big part in recovery. One of the first things an addict must do is to change the lifestyle that they are leaving. This will mean having to totally look at every aspect of the life they are living. Many recovering addicts will also find that they will need to avoid all kinds of circumstances. If a stress filled job contributes to your addiction you will need to find a new way to make your living. You will need to make friends with other people who do not abuse substances or live a partying lifestyle. Many addicts find that where they live and the environment in which they live will need to change radically. Being around other substance abusers will never be a good idea for someone who is attempting recovery. This will not be a short-term fix. The statistics show that as many as 60% of all drug addicts attempting recovery will relapse at least once on their journey. Some substances can remain in your body for many years to come.

Finding the willpower that you need to work on a recovery program will mean practicing self-control. This can be a learned process with the right therapy and treatments. One of the most important things you will ever decide to do in your life is to stop your substance abuse. In making this decision you will need to call on the willpower that you have deep inside of you to help you on this new path. This does not mean it will be easy to summon your willpower but doing so will be important in your recovery. As always, we encourage you to seek out the help that you need. You will want to find a program that encourages an individualized treatment for you. Small steps that you build upon day by day and hour by hour will all help you in your journey toward total sobriety.

Surround yourself with people who will support you in your treatment. Take the proper time to improve your living circumstances. Learn the right techniques for not just improving your life but making it all that it can be. With each small step you make your self-esteem and your feelings of self-worth will improve. As your health improves and you continue to remove the toxins from your body you will become stronger and more confident. All of these things can help your willpower return.

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Much like addiction, recovery is not a straight line. Instead, recovery occurs in many ways with a variety of tools used at one’s optimal pace. Although the disease of addiction can easily become life-threatening, anything that an individual may need to regain his or her sobriety is just a phone call away. If you, or someone you love, are suffering from chemical dependency and would benefit from learning more about group therapy or other forms of treatment, call Legacy Columbus for a free consultation and assessment. The team at our Columbus OH alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility is waiting for your call.

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