Addiction Keeps You from Reaching Your Potential

alcohol rehab in Raleigh NCAn addiction to drugs or alcohol can keep you from doing many things in life because of its all-consuming nature.  It will affect your job, school, family obligations and relationships. It can keep you from reaching your potential in more ways than you may realize. When you’re struggling with addiction you may be unable to look past your addiction and see the damage it’s doing to your life.

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An addiction can cause you to:

-    Neglect your responsibilities, from work to school to paying bills
-    Lose your job or flunk out of school
-    Make you unable to function without being under the influence of a substance
-    Lie or steal in order to pay for your addiction
-    Sell valuable items in order to pay for drugs or alcohol
-    Lose friends and loved ones because of your behavior or attitude
-    Behave in ways you wouldn’t normally, including being aggressive or angry
-    Have legal issues if you get caught buying or selling drugs
-    Get into a car accident if you drive under the influence
-    Develop physical ailments because of heavy use
-    Increase your chance of getting a disease from needles or unsafe sex
-    End up homeless because you spent all of your money on drugs or alcohol
-    Consider suicide because you don’t see an alternative

Although these reasons sound bad enough to keep a person from using drugs or drinking, once an addiction has developed, it’s hard to break free of it. The brain is wired to seek out pleasure and reward. When a substance that creates a good feeling is introduced to the brain repeatedly, it begins to crave it. An addiction probably isn’t going to form after one or two times, but extended, repeated use will teach the brain that the drug or alcohol is needed in order to feel good.

Drugs and alcohol create that good feeling by causing the brain to take in more of chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals occur naturally in the brain and allow us to feel pleasure. Certain drugs overload the brain with those feelings. In turn, the brain remembers the “reward” and craves more of it.

Once a person has developed an addiction, it’s hard to see the consequences of his drinking or drug use. A person becomes consumed with the desire to do drugs or drink. They lose the motivation they may have had to have a successful career or go to school. Their family obligations fall to the wayside. They may lose friends and other important relationships.

The potential they have for a life that most people want is minimized because of their substance abuse problem.

Fortunately there is help available. Sometimes a person has to hit “rock bottom” in order to see the effect their drug or alcohol use has had on their life. Other people may see smaller changes and realize that they need to get help before things get worse. In either case, there is always hope.

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Are you struggling with an addiction and feel your life is falling apart because of it? We can help. Our holistic, alternative approach in our recovery program is what makes us different from other rehab centers. We offer different forms of drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC to ensure that the treatment matches your individual needs. We are here to help. Call our Raleigh office today and speak with an admissions counselor so you can break free of addiction and reach your full potential.

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