Addiction and Anxiety

Raleigh Mental Health ServicesPer the National Institute of Mental Health, more people in America suffer from anxiety than any other form of mental illness. For those diagnosed with clinical anxiety, experiencing unfounded fears, irrational thoughts or behaviors towards everyday situations is a routine occurrence. These issues never go away and the symptoms can affect a person’s home life, their work, their relationships and their psychological well-being.

Our holistic approach to Raleigh mental health services was designed to treat the entire person, not just the mental illness. Through talk therapy, medication management and alternative therapies, like yoga, acupuncture or adventure therapy, we help you learn to overcome your anxiety and get you back to doing the things you love. The staff at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh recognizes that taking the first step to getting help managing your anxiety is hard, that’s why we make it easy. Call us today and begin your journey to healing.

Dealing with and treating anxiety is not easy. Anxiety comes in many different forms and can present itself in the most difficult situations. Many people live with anxiety for years without it being diagnosed, while others try to self treat with drugs, alcohol, sex or other outlets.

People with anxiety are more than twice as likely to have a substance abuse problem during their lifetime. What many people do not realize is that abusing substances like alcohol and drugs will, in fact, make the person feel worse and can create even more anxiety.

Treating a patient with substance abuse issues and severe anxiety is difficult because of the unstable nature of the individual. These addictions may complicate existing issues and, with high-risk patient situations, can quickly spiral out of control.  Therefore, choosing an experienced treatment team like the one at Legacy Freedom is so important. We utilize nutritionists and personal trainers to help you get physically and mentally healthy as you progress toward your goals.

Every human being has certain instincts. We all know to look for food when our belly growls with hunger or get something to drink if our throat feels dry. Those same instincts kick in when our body feels threatened. This is called our “fight or flight” response. Some people will run away from a threat, while some will face the threat head on. During this time your brain releases a chemical called adrenalin. Adrenalin increases heart rate and breathing, the same reaction often felt when using drugs and alcohol. However, during a panic attack the person will feel an overwhelming threat and these emotions will feel raw and intense. Those who suffer from anxiety will often have an increased incidence of panic disorders because their bodies experience this surge of adrenalin repeatedly.

The cycle for those who experience anxiety and are substance dependent looks something like this: the person experiences a panic attack, takes a substance, and relaxes for a period. The substance then wears off and symptoms return. Sometimes they are even worse after the introduction of the substance and the person feels like they need to numb themselves with a substance again. This is why the treatment of anxiety and substance abuse is so challenging and requires specialized treatment.

There are a variety of different bodily reactions that occur during a panic attack. These vary from person to person and can be dependent upon their level of fear or anxiety in that moment. Common reactions are:

  • Nervousness
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeat

Experiencing one or two of these symptoms is enough to trigger a panic attack in a person. This is when many people turn to drugs or alcohol to try to keep the panic attack from happening. They believe a quick drink or two will help ease their panic, when in reality drugs and alcohol can also trigger panic attacks. This form of self-medication is not healthy and can have negative long-term health risks.

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If you, or someone you love, are caught in this damaging cycle, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh is here to help. Your journey to healing begins with a single call.

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