Should addicted teens be able to change schools?

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Addicted Teens, Rights, And Changing Schools

There's a storm brewing in Livingston, New Jersey, over who has the right to determine if addicted high school teens should be able to transfer to a different school, if that school is outside of their assigned district. The school in question is the Raymond J. Lesniak Recovery High School, which opened in November of 2014.

The school was opened by Sen. Raymond Lesniak, and he has also introduced a bill aiming to change this state law. He recently became aware of a 17-year-old Livingston High School student that was barred from attending the public recovery high school. The school district officials told the mother of the student that they did not want to pay for her child to change schools.That current law states that if a student leaves their home school's district for the recovery school, that local school district must pay tuition based on its own per-student spending. Sen. Lesniak's bill would give the decision rights on determining whether or not a student should attend the recovery school to a certified substance abuse counselor instead of the school officials.

Livingston school officials denied claims that it makes decisions on a student's well-being based on budget dollars. They insist they've reached out to the Sen. Lesniak to better communicate the situation. Christina Steffner, the district's Superintendent, said "We remain willing to work collaboratively with the senator's office to develop sound policies in the best interest of all students in New Jersey," and that "Drug use is a very real problem and I know only too well the heartache it causes."

Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Who's right and who's wrong in this situation? Should these kids with addictions be able to relocate their education, and on school's districts dime? It's a tricky situation; let us know what you think in the comments. Did you miss our last post on how substance abuse affects your child's grades? All parents should read this. Click here to give it a look. For questions about beating your addiction problems in 2017, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom helps people, just like you, with substance abuse issues.

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Story source: Adam Clark

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