More on Acupuncture and Anxiety

counselor in Charlotte, NCAnxiety can fill you with constant worry, doubt, and fear. As the external pressures from work, finances, family and relationships increase, those who struggle with anxiety feel inundated with situations that trigger their anxieties. Anxiety is often accompanied by a host of symptoms. In our previous post, we discussed ways that acupuncture can help alleviate anxiety.

At Legacy Freedom, our counselor in Charlotte, NC believes that to manage your anxiety effectively we need to treat the whole person, not just your anxiety. Utilizing our holistic approach, we address your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Our dedicated and professional staff is comprised of clinicians, therapists, dieticians and life coaches. These professionals work together with you to create a plan of care that is as unique as you are.

Many people have turned to acupuncture as an alternative treatment for their anxiety. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people who chose to use acupuncture as a treatment for anxiety said that they felt calmer, more relaxed and less tense after the treatments.

To understand how acupuncture can help your anxiety you need to know how acupuncture helps your body address the specific symptoms.

1. Muscle tension - This is a direct treatment. As the needle enters the affected muscles, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Often called 'natural painkillers,' endorphins put the body at ease and can provide stress relief.  Areas that tend to be most affected by anxiety are the neck, shoulders, and back.

2. Mood swings and irritability – Acupuncture can be used to target specific trigger points in the body which can help improve these conditions significantly. In Chinese medicine, emotional disorders are associated with disharmony in the body. Restoring balance and flow can provide great results.

3. Headaches and migraines – Acupuncture has been used with great effectiveness to treat chronic headaches and various types of migraines.

4. Insomnia – A good night's sleep is important for maintaining good health. Acupuncture patients are often more relaxed, which may enable them to fall asleep faster. They may also experience sleep deeper and longer after treatments.

5. Sweating - While it may seem strange to think of using acupuncture to treat perspiration, many patients have reported great success.

As with any medical treatment, you should consult with a physician before you begin acupuncture therapy. Using acupuncture and other non-traditional treatments like yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy are all options for managing your anxiety. Our holistic approach allows you to integrate non-traditional therapies with traditional talk therapy to help you reach your goals.

Whether you have tried traditional treatments to manage your anxiety before, have newly been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or you are ready to try treatment for the first time, Legacy Freedom is here to help. We encourage you to learn about our wide variety of alternative therapies that we have available and more about what makes Legacy Freedom's approach to mental health different. Read our previous blogs on managing your anxiety and about how to talk to your family about your anxiety. When you are ready, we are here to help you take that first step.

The Best Mental Health Counselor in Charlotte, NC

Legacy Freedom believes that combining holistic therapy approaches with mental health counseling increases your chances for lifelong success. Whether you are struggling with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses, our staff is here to help you find the right therapeutic path. We understand the importance of treating the whole person, not just their mental illness. From nutrition counseling, to medication management, to alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom offers more options under one roof than other traditional providers.

When you're ready to begin your journey to healing, we are ready to help. Our dedicated team of intake professionals are ready to assist you as you transition from crisis to totally in control of your mental health and physical well-being. We look forward to working with you. What are you waiting for? Call our center in Charlotte, NC today.

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