9 Reasons – Part 2 | Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH News

9 Reasons People Use - Part 2 | Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH News

Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH helps loved ones battle substance abuse. We work with, and help them overcome the situation they're in whether we are using our blog information or actual life changing programs. In part one of this series we introduced you to four common reasons people use drugs and alcohol. In the second part, we will cover the last five.

5. Drugs are OK if they are prescribed by a doctor to a friend.
This one can be pretty easy to rationalize. For some people, using a drug because it came from a doctor is like a row of green stoplights to a speedster. Abusing these drugs can be easy. We've also seen people think that just because a doctor prescribed medication to a friend, for something similar, then it must be OK for them to take a few. Wrong. This is dangerous. This is how people overdose and suffer unwanted side effects. This is also an easy street to dependency.

6. Drugs are OK if they are prescribed by a doctor to ME.
For the same reasons as above, this holds true for drugs that are prescribed to you by your doctor. If prescribed medication makes you feel good, it can be natural to want to take more of it. This is especially true for laborers, the elderly, and those with preexisting injuries. Some people are just born with deformities that will cause them chronic pain for their entire lives. Doctors will try to prescribe the correct drugs for the intended pain relief but all too often this can turn into a chemical dependency.

7. Using to forget their past.9 Reasons - Part 2 | Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH News
Some people go through some terrible life events. Often we see addicts that had traumatic events happen to them as children. Sometimes these traumas can haunt an individual their entire life, and they try turning to drugs and alcohol to hide these painful memories. In reality, they should be seeking the help of a therapist, alcohol and drugs typically make the problem worse.

8. Trying to be cool.
Did you want to fit in when you were younger? If you are like most of us, then your answer is an overwhelming yes. Sometimes, the cool kids take part in risky behavior. It's easy to fall victim to peer pressure when trying desperately to hang with the popular crew. Some see their peer idols drinking or doing drugs, and immediately think they have to as well. Peer pressure is an incredible force in causing someone to experiment with substances that they would normally not try on their own.

9. Chasing a feeling once experienced.
Most addicts will tell you that being high is one of the best feelings of their lives. Some drugs, even though they come with terrible consequences, can make a user experience joy on levels not available in the sober world. These drugs overload the brain's pleasure sensors and some make the user become instantly hooked. These users start to chase the feeling from their very first high which creates a terrible cycle that is hard to break.

If you know someone with a substance abuse issue, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH can help you. Please call us right now and get the help you deserve.

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