Am I an Addict? Continued

girl-1098611_640It might seem odd to an outsider looking in, but most of the time, addicts don't realize they're becoming addicted until it's too late. You might think to yourself, of course they know what they're doing. But unfortunately, they don't. Addicts don't see the destructive path they're on. They only know what they think is important. And at the time, drugs are the only thing on their minds.

Are you worried that you might be on the road to becoming addicted to drugs? If so, there are several signs and symptoms that you'll start to exhibit that will help you, or someone you love, identify that there's a problem.

Addiction Signs and Symptoms | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

You might be battling some mental and physical issues when chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol. Below, you'll find a few signs and symptoms that will help you better understand addiction and what it can do to you.

  • Always trying to resist impulses but failing to do so
  • Avoiding work gatherings, social settings or recreational activities that were once loved
  • Constant need to stop without ability to do so
  • Decreased interest in social, financial or academic stature
  • Disappearing often without any real place to go
  • Failure to control actions
  • Inability to stop behaviors that aren’t normal
  • Increased intensity in behavior
  •  Lapsing into moods marked by distress, anxiety, restlessness or violence when the behavior isn’t engaged in
  • Risking safety to get attention
  • Showing frequent destructive behaviors
  • Showing moody behaviors; distress, anxiety, violence, restlessness become more noticeable

Realizing that these symptoms and behaviors are now a part of your lifestyle leads to one thing only; the need for drug rehab in Charlotte NC. Contact us anytime to talk with our counselors about drug treatment. If you missed our previous blog post containing more information about drug addiction, visit back with it as well!

For more information about drug addiction symptoms and behaviors that come with specific types of drugs, visit back with our blog soon.

Legacy Freedom | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

If someone you know and love is struggling with any of the symptoms above, don’t hesitate to help them get established with a drug and alcohol treatment center. Drug rehab might be the only chance they have at recovery. There are numerous people dealing with addiction in the world, so it's important to understand you aren't alone. Regardless of how bad your drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom if you need a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center. We are here to help you get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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