Am I an Addict?

drug treatment in Charlotte NCAre you worried that you might be addicted to drugs or alcohol? Sometimes we use substances to relax from a hard day at work or to wind down after a long weekend spent with family you might not always get along with. Unfortunately, when we use drugs or alcohol to relax or wind down, it often becomes a habit that eventually turns into an addiction.

Once an addiction is formed, it's hard to break without help. That's why we are here. Legacy Freedom can help you with drug treatment in Charlotte NC when you need it most.

Am I An Addict? | Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC

If you worry that you're becoming addicted or are already there, consider the following questions from They'll help you better understand your situation and whether or not you need drug treatment in Charlotte NC to help you fight addiction.

  • Are you always able to stop using drugs whenever you want to?
  • Can you get through the week without using drugs?
  • Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug use?
  • Do you use more than one drug at a time?
  • Do your spouse, parents or other family members ever complain about your involvement with drugs?
  • Has drug use created problems between you and your spouse or your parents?
  • Have you been arrested for possession of illegal drugs?
  • Have you been in trouble at work because of drug use?
  • Have you been involved in a treatment program specifically related to drug use?
  • Have you engaged in illegal activities in order to obtain drugs?
  • Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) when you stopped taking drugs?
  • Have you gone to anyone for help for a drug problem?
  • Have you gotten into fights when under the influence of drugs?
  • Have you had "blackouts" or "flashbacks" as a result of drug use?
  • Have you had medical problems as a result of your drug use (e.g. memory loss, hepatitis, convulsions, bleeding, etc.)?
  • Have you lost a job because of drug use?
  • Have you lost friends because of your use of drugs?
  • Have you neglected your family because of your use of drugs?
  • Have you used drugs other than those required for medicinal reasons?
  • Have you used prescription drugs at higher doses than recommended or needed to obtain a new prescription before the due date?

Remember, getting help is the only way to stop addiction. Recovering alone can be difficult, stressful and almost always causes an addict to fall further into their problem. Consider reaching out to get help from Legacy Freedom or a loved one willing to support your decision to recover.

If you’re suffering from an addiction and need help, consider drug treatment in Charlotte. Addiction isn’t something that you can beat easily. Oftentimes it requires extensive rehab and support. We are here to offer both to you, when you’re ready. Addiction can leave you feeling sad, lonely, and angry. You are not alone. Legacy Freedom is here to help you get back on track to a happier, healthy, drug free life.


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